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Guest Name
Mira Kelley
Guest Occupation
Regressionist, Spiritualist, Guide to Self Healing
Guest Biography

I discovered my passion for past life regressions at the age of 13.  I came across Brian Weiss’ book Through Time Into Healing and I was so deeply intrigued by the idea of reincarnation that I decide to regress myself.

On the back of the book there was a suggested script for people to make a recording that they can play back and have their own regression.  I thought to myself that even though I had no physical ailments or emotional issues to heal I was really curious and wanted to try.  I recorded the script on a tape and a few moments later I began playing it.

What I experienced was so vivid and so dramatic that it shook me deeply.  I had a peak experience.  In an instant I become this other person who was running scared for her life.  Through the guidance of the questions that were coming from the recording I was able to understand the story of that lifetime, the lessons and how that life related to the person I am now.