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Guest Name
Karl Dierenbach
Guest Occupation
Writer, Engineer, Attorney, Author at The Federalist
Guest Biography

Karl Dierenbach is an engineer-turned-attorney living outside Denver, Colorado. He is a contributor to the upcoming book, “UNMASKED 2020: Colorado’s Radical Left Turn and a Warning to America.” Follow him on Twitter, @Dierenbach

I am primarily a problem solver. I currently write about controversial cultural and technical issues in an attempt to bring clarity and direction to important issues. Formerly, I applied my problem solving skills to engineering problems and legal issues. As an engineer I learned to follow the data, as a patent attorney I learned to quickly understand new technologies and build persuasive narratives. I now combine these skills to present complicated issues in a concise and understandable manner to promote a course of action.

Authored op-eds on political, cultural and technical issues for various publications including and

Studied Law School at University of Colorado Boulder

Studied Mechanical engineering at Pennsylvania State University

Went to George Washington High School Philadelphia

Lives in Centennial, Colorado

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania