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Guest Name
Jens Jerndal
Guest Occupation
Diplomate, Investment Counsellor, Professional Futurist, Speaker, Author, Lecturer
Guest Biography
Jens Jerndal is a Swedish-born internationally recognized authority on the now occurring Paradigm Shift. He has authored four published books. He is a political scientist, economist, former diplomat, former investment counsellor and CEO, and a former professor of holistic medicine. Now he is an author, speaker, coach, consultant futurist and holistic philosopher.

He is the father of three sons and the godfather of two girls and two boys.

In 2003 Dr. Jens set up his headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but he continues to travel extensively all over the world. He now dedicates himself to writing and lecturing about the Paradigm Shift and the emerging Aquarian Paradigm.

If you care about your health, if you yearn for a long and happy life, if you seek fulfillment of your dreams in adverse conditions, then Dr. Jens is the person who can help you achieve your goals.

Dr. Jens´ vast experience, knowledge and wisdom have helped countless people become aware of their potential and turn their lives - and their health - around. A good place to start is to read his books and follow his blog and video programs online.

Dr. Jerndal has traveled to 76 nations and lectured in 23 countries around the globe. He is a professional member of the prestigious non-political organization of futurists World Future Society, a long-standing member of the Scientific and Medical Network, and also of the Institute of Noëtic Science (IONS), founded by astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell and featured in Dan Brown´s bestseller The Lost Symbol.

For a full CV or resumé, go to DR. JENS´ CV