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Jessica and Shauna forged the perfect friendship!  Both singers since childhood, they came together with complimentary skills and preferences.  Jess prefers singing melody while Shauna prefers singing harmony.  Jess sings high and Shauna sings low.  They have a love of harmony that is shown in the songs that they write.  They have pursued careers in country music as they love the storytelling aspect of the genre.  In 3 ½ minutes of a country song you can listen to a lifetime, hear someone’s whole heart, or go on an adventure!  Jess and Shauna have started pitching their original music to Nashville labels, and hope to someday hear their songs sung by other talented artists in the industry.

A little about Shauna:  She is the mother of 6, is self-taught in mandolin and piano.  Shauna has fond memories of learning how to sing harmony as a child sitting at the feet of her mother.  Shauna has spent many years singing in various capacities for women’s groups, churches, fundraisers, etc.  Shauna created and runs a woman’s ministry as well.  Shauna is living the country lifestyle too she has horses and her husband even competes in Hunter/Jumper shows.

A little about Jess:  She is the mother of 4, is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, and her husband owns a pizza and sub shop that’s attached to their home.  Jess has spent many years singing in various competitions, churches, fundraisers, etc.  Jess even won the title as “college idol” in a spin off competition of American Idol at her alma mater.  

Forged has grown over the years from a duo to a full band.  The band has grown to include Matt Johndrow (drums/writer), Mike Pistone (guitar/bass/keys/sound engineer/writer), and Rob Murphy (bass/sweet dance skills).  The band has 2 new songs in studio that will be ready to release soon.  The new songs are from both ends of the country spectrum.  One is the type of song you’d listen to on someone’s front porch (with a banjo of course) while the other is more of a fast paced rockin’ empowered song.  Stay tuned!