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Ellie Soufi
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Singer, Songwriter and Dancer
Guest Biography

Ellie Soufi

Things you should know about me: I’m a singer/songwriter and have been dancing all my life. I’m Inspired by Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, The 1975, John Legend and Christina Perri. Jennifer Lawrence is my idol because she’s so grounded and down to earth, she’s also comfortable in her own skin, which I look up to a lot! I love playing the piano and I write my own songs! I’m in love with the color red. I’m British and proud of it. I used to live in England but now I live in California! The weather is nice here but the food in England is to die for! Quotes inspire me and I really enjoy reading books! I have a brother and a sister! My cousin completes me, although she lives on the other side of the world were still inseparable! I love December because it reminds my of home and I love the cold! I really enjoy getting all comfy, cozy and drinking a cup of tea! I really want to travel the world and purse music because I really love experiencing different cultures! I don’t like junk food I would prefer a salad over ice cream any day! My favorite subject is English because it really helps me with song writing.

I was born April 9,1998 I would say I’m an old soul because I enjoy listening to vinyl’s and taking pictures on a Polaroid camera, you call it hipster but I prefer to say that I was born in the wrong generation. I’m very artsy I love making things with my hands I’m also a very visual person and I don’t take myself to seriously because that would be silly!:) I also don’t let words or other people bring me don’t because I’m going to be myself no matter what!:) I was raised in a small village called Doncaster, I had a great childhood we got up to mischievous things but it was still the best! In this life my best friends are my fans they brighten my day an inspire me too be the best I can be! I just love anything and everything to do with music I love learning new things especially new instruments! I feel like I was born to do this because it is what I love❤ I also believe everything happens for a reason! Music is the one thing that keeps my going, when I write my own songs and pour my heart into them its one of the best feelings in the world and it shows me that this is what I was made to do!