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Guest Name
Ella Knox
Guest Occupation
Recording Artist, SongWriter, Actress, Musician, Inspirational Rising Pop Artist
Guest Biography

Ella, born Melanie Louise Stringer, grew up on the impoverished streets of Manchester, New Hampshire. Born to a single mother, who barely escaped her kidnapping while carrying the child. Ella would later find life turn adventurous…

By age 12, Ella was subjected to helping her mother raise her younger brother and taking care of her drunken grandfather after splitting because of the infidelity of her father. Ella found herself in a hopeless sea of reality, writing lyrics on herwalls, and singing to gun shot streets to cope with the pain of a household filled with mental and physical abuse.

By her high school graduation, Ella was approached by a spiteful source who revealed that the father she’d known growing up was not her biological parent. Feeling even more betrayed, after remaining loyal to a mother who had emptied her childhood bank savings and piled her and her brother in debt, Ella saved some money, bought a beat-up Honda and took off to find her biological father.

Zip-tying her bumper onto her Honda for the 3,000 mile ride, Ella made it to the West Coast and found herself submerged in the trudges of the Hollywood Music scene. There, Ella was discovered by manager and visionary Lika Tatsushima, who saw the potential and heart of a young girl’s tragedy. She found Ella singing demo's at Kevin Irving, of Club Nouveau, studios. Kevin committed suicide later that year, ending production for Ella.

But Ella and Lika did not give up. Instead they decided to stay strong and work harder. Lika spread the word of the girl's struggle and strife, attracting the attention of world renowned Japanese director Masashi Muto. Muto then created Ella’s first music video sponsored by Cutters Studio in collaboration with the Fantasia International Film Festival's "best animation and audience” award winning series “Tamala," sponsored by WWF.

In the short amount of time the two began campaigning, Ella’s strong, sexy, and fun attitude in what they liked to call “ELLATUDE.” This was a fierce new beginning for Ella, leaving her past in the dust of her travels. Her reality is stranger than fiction could dream.

In 2016, Audio Technica will be featuring Ella and her music in their world-wide advertising campaign promoting their new production line. This commercial campaign will serve as a platform for her discovery, Ella’s story and her music will soon spread throughout the world.