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Guest Name
Dr. Frances Parnell
Guest Occupation
practicing Otolaryngology-Head and Neck ( ENT) Surgeon
Guest Biography

Dr. Francis Parnell, a practicing Otolaryngology-Head and Neck ( ENT) Surgeon for over 30 years is Chairman and C.E.O. of Parnell Pharmaceuticals a California based private pharmaceutical company founded in 1986.  The company develops, manufactures, and markets prescription and OTC drug products that maintain and restore mucosal and skin integrity. The pharmaceutical company he co-founded with his wife Dr. Diana Parnell. Diana Parnell is a board-certified dermatologist with extensive experience and expertise in cosmetic and laser surgery as well as general dermatology and head of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Institute Kentfield, CA. They worked together to develop Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Institute and together the couple bring years of consumer health experience, treating patients and developing oral, nasal and personal care products.

 A successful ENT and a board-certified dermatologist Dr. Parnell, took These nasal sprays and mouth sprays…. are the must have products for consumers to arm themselves and combat viruses, bacteria and provide another layer of protection against COVID-19. Please join me  your host Pamela L Henderson, June 15,2021 as I have this exclusive interview at 12 Noon PS-Time with  Dr. Parnell, who will  explain how we could journey on with our lives overcoming Covid-19 with the products that are essential regarding our every day lives to overcome a decease we can not see.