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Guest Name
Danny Nalliah
Guest Occupation
Paster, Drummer, Religous Freedom Activist, Political Activist, Doctor of Divinity, Speaker
Guest Biography

Danny Nalliah (born 1964) is an Australian Christian evangelist pastor and young earth creationist. He is the leader of Rise Up Australia, a prayer organisation, and the President of Catch the Fire Ministries. Danny Nalliah successfully defended a law suit commenced by the Islamic Council of Victoria under Victoria's Racial and Religious Tolerance Act and was awarded damages. In this landmark case, along with his colleague Daniel Scot, Nalliah was found not to have incited hatred under Victoria's then-new religious vilification laws. He has also been a candidate for the Family First Party. He was previously associated with the Australian Christian Churches.

Nalliah was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He was raised in a strongly religious family, and rose through the church ranks from youth leader through to becoming a pastor. He married in 1987, and his two children were born soon after. He continued to preach in the more remote regions of Sri Lanka until 1995, when he and his wife moved to Saudi Arabia. He spent two years preaching Christianity and attempting to circumvent the official ban on the religion in the Muslim state. However, in 1997, he decided to move to Australia and founded his own evangelical organisation.

After moving to Australia and founding Catch the Fire, Nalliah traveled extensively, preaching to congregations in a number of countries.