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Guest Name
Cielito Pascual
Guest Occupation
Producer and Radio Show Host
Guest Biography
Cielito Pascual is a producer and co-host of the soon-to-be-launched Share International Radio podcast featured on OM Times Radio at OM Times dot com. 
Share International Radio presents a unique spiritual perspective on global trends and world events, pointing to the imminent transformation of our global economy based on the principle of sharing. 
Cielito has spoken  for over 15 years on television and radio and in talks in New York City and Seattle saying that this transformation is unfolding right now, galvanized by the emergence into full public life of Maitreya the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom.
Focused on the transformation of global consciousness, three points are emphasized: 1) We are never alone 2) We have help of an extraordinary kind 3) The solutions to the world's most challenging problems are within our grasp.

Many people know that humanity is at a critical crossroads for change. Cielito will point to political events, healing miracles and unexplained phenomena that are signs of the planetary, interplanetary and cosmic help that is accessible and available so that all may participate in the healing of the planet.

The story of the Emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom is an inspiring story of hope. It reveals the critical relationship between the human and spiritual kingdoms. It shows us that by replacing greed and competition with sharing and right relationship, extraordinary possibilities become available for all life on Earth.