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Guest Name
Charles Silk Dunn
Guest Occupation
Life coach, mentor and relationship specialist
Guest Biography


Change starts from within. Change can start at any age. Change can happen no matter the circumstances. As long as you have another opportunity to wake up, you can Change your life because “YOU CREATED IT!  In January 1992, 23 year-old Charles “Silk” Dunn was sentenced to 30 years on charges of being a drug kingpin. After serving 24 years in federal prison, Silk as he affectionately known was released in July 2015. Silk used his time to torment other inmates, becoming well known for his positive influence by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  Charles “Silk” Dunn is now a life coach, mentor and relationship specialist. He has a unique ability to motivate, inspire, and connect to people who are often beyond the reach of others. He specializes in helping those who have been discarded by society. His message of acceptance, redemption and love is sure to change our communities from the inside out.