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Guest Name
Anahita Anais Parseghian
Guest Occupation
Trauma-Informed Resilience Coach, Integrative Mental Health Practitioner, and Plant Medicine Guide
Guest Biography


Anahita Anais Parseghian is a Trauma-Informed Resilience Coach, Integrative Mental Health Practitioner, and Plant Medicine Guide. She mentors conscious leaders in high power positions to develop burnout-proof resilience, address stress-induced symptoms, attain sustainable high performance, and cultivate lasting career fulfillment so they can continue breaking barriers and inspiring change.

Her work is informed by her life-long journey of resilience as a war survivor, refugee, chronic pain warrior, and conscious activist as well as her studies in Integrative Mental Health Medicine, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Leadership Coaching, Chronic Pain Coaching, and over 13 years of intentional and ceremonial practice and education in indigenous plant medicine traditions.

Anahita is also the founder and publisher of Microdose Guru: an integrative microdosing education and harm reduction resource. The mission of Microdose Guru is to inform, advocate, and inspire the therapeutic and medicinal use of psychedelic medicines through a safe, conscious, and mindful approach. Anahita is an advocate for sustainable cultivation, fostering reciprocity with indigenous communities, reverence of ancient shamanic traditions, and social justice for those impacted by the “war on drugs”.

She is a masterful and engaging speaker and educator. Her trainings, workshops, and retreats facilitate profound and lasting transformation for the participants. Her work is often referred to as “reality-shifting” and “ life-altering”.

Anahita was born and raised in Iran. She migrated to the U.S. at age 20, graduated with Latin honors from UCLA, and spent over a decade in the tech industry as a product leader before leaving her career to pursue healing arts and resilient leadership.