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Guest Name
Alan Ross Hugenot
Guest Occupation
Near-Death Expirience Survivor, Church President, Treasurer, Sunday School Superintendent, Physisist, Mechanical Engineer
Guest Biography

40 some years ago I, Alan Hugenot, while a college student, was killed in a motor cycle accident. But, returned for a second life in the same physical body. Today, the medical community calmly says that I, "survived a Near-Death experience (NDE)", But, in those days (early 1970's), if I talked about being dead, traveling out of body to the other side and coming back. they wanted to immediately commit me to the nut-house. It was not until 1975 and the publication of Dr. Raymond Moody's book Life after Life, and it's integration into the main stream that the medical community finally began to allow NDE survivors to speak more freely about their experience in which they had actually experienced the afterlife, out of body, on the other side of the veil and then returned to a second life in the same physical body.

As a child I was raised in the Christian faith and as an adult I served  my various congregations as a church officer. After my NDE I continued to serve as President, Treasurer, Sunday School Superintendent, Head Elder, etc. Later, when our church pastor became ill with cancer, he appointed me to teach the adult bible classes for several years prior to his death.

In college I trained as a physicist and mechanical engineer and am well grounded in the Newtonian materialist scientific world view which appears to describe our reality here in time and space. But, because of my knowledge gained during the NDE I adhere more strongly to the quantum mechanics view of the conscious universe, which I know personally to be a better model of the universe than is Newtonian materialism.

Consequently, these three differing perspectives, Christian, Physicist and Near-Death Survivor, added to 40 years of avid study since my death, have given me a broad understanding of all sides to questions of consciousness survival after death as well as the leading edge physics which supports this survival. This multiple perspective allows me to provide honest analysis of the evidence for consciousness survival derived from the following emerging sciences:

1.    The Near-Death experience as documented by the International Association  for Near Death Studies (IANDS)

2.     Research on children who remember past lives by Ian Stephenson at the the University of Virginia

3.     Research on Mediumship by the Gary Swartz at the University of Arizona.

4.     Quantum mechanics and dark energy.