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`Dear Wynn- I was finally able to listen to your live Sunday show today although I tuned in late as I was listening to last weeks show and not watching the clock. Your Planetary healing is exactly what I was told to contact George and John B Wells about doing every night as we tune into Coast to Coast, then you came on the show and I have been monitoring you ever since, seeing if this is really where I was being led.  I believe it is. It is a longer story than I can write now, the latest journey began 8-17-2013 when I came home from work, looked at my husband sitting on the deck and asked " Do you need to go to the hospital" Yes" was his reply. Renal cell carcinoma right kidney into inferior vena cava and into right atrium of the heart. 34 days later at 3:40 pm he passed away at home with his children and I, it was amazing, the energy the same as at the births of our children. What he has been teaching me since is wonderful. I will send on  a letter I wrote to the hospitals,Michael's Final Story along with the continuing story as soon as possible.

Thank you