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Offline Marketing Tips

Locally performing and promoting your music will never go out of style.

Local Performances

Locally performing your original and cover music will never go out of style. Check local listings for events that include open mics, talent competitions and festivals in your area. Where might these local listings be? Local music events are often advertised in radio ads, newspapers, online classifieds sites like Craigslist, and on social media. If you’re on a tight budget, stick to open mics, which are usually free or very cheap to perform at. Competitions and festivals tend to have entrance fees that can get pricey if you’re consistently performing, which is recommended. If you’re a singer, you should dominate karaoke shows you can find at local bars and restaurants for free!

After your performance, be sure to stick around and network at the event, with CDs and flyers handy. If your music is what the people want to hear, the event organizers along with new fans from the crowd will be very open to hearing more from you! Consistently gigging in your area is a great way to build a loyal fan base. And if your music is enjoyable to fellow musicians in your scene, collaborations can easily flow into the conversation! Musical collaborations that can provide mutual benefit for both parties are an effective way of being exposed to someone else’s fan base.

Street Marketing

Advertising music by way of street marketing is popular and effective in major city areas. Street marketing can include giving out CDs, placing flyers and cards in local stores, and unscheduled performances in public areas. With street marketing, it is best to have an inviting personality and be able to catch the attention of the public. Street marketing musicians are somewhat in the same category as canvassers and independent product sellers, so it’s important to have a certain amount of appeal in your image that will not label you as pesky.

Street marketing is often done by larger companies who pass out information on behalf of an Indie artist, but the most effective way to market is for you, the Indie artist, to actually be present in your street marketing efforts. The thing that sets street marketing apart from other types of marketing is human interaction. As mentioned in the relatability topic earlier, having a humble, relatable approach to your music brand is a great way to win them over as a fan and friend.

Be aware of the laws when coming up with street marketing ideas for your music. In some cities, it is illegal to post flyers on public property to include telephone poles, buildings and street signs. Be sure to find information in your particular city, as fines can be up to $75 per poster.

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