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Living YOUR Soul's Journey with Dr. Vikke

How to get through challenging times when you don't see the total picture!

When life gets challenging or simply a lot of changes are going on, we want to know exactly what is happening but sometimes that isn't what Spriit wants.

So, how do we get through these times when we can't see the total picture or exactly where the changes are taking us?

We have to have faith and patience. Sounds easy but when we are going through the difficulty or the changes, even if all is perfect, it can be hard to have faith and patience.

Step 1:

Know that your life is working out exactly as it is supposed to be, faith

Give thanks every singe hour of the day for God's perfect direction in your life

Step 2:

Accept that the Universe knows the bigger picture and knows Your Soul's Journey in it

Step 3:

Accept and give thanks for the miracles happening even if nothing seems to be happening, that may be the actual unseen gift in it all.

Until next time, Many Blessings and remember to always give thanks. It works miracles and brings freedom to your souls' journey.  Dr. Vikke