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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

One of the best books I have ever read on happiness was by the Delai Lama entitled, 'The Art of Happiness'. Interesting, in my lifetime, is that in most places people were sold on the idea that money equals happiness. I think anyone with a brain can figure this is not so. Especially, when greed becomes a major motivator. People certainly need to recognize that when your feet hit the ground in the morning you should spend some time being grateful for your life. You know when people get older they start to appreciate how important it is to have good health. Many in their youth take good health for granted. I have been told that in the late 1960's and 70's about 70% of the population was healthy and now it is 2%. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that something is wrong with this picture.  There is a saying that there is no Yoga with Boga, with  ill health. That is why I wrote the article at this blog site entitled,'How to Keep You and Your Kids Healthy").  It is important to build a foundation of health and also have the right mental approach to this subject. And possibly more importantly learn to be sovereign with regard to your health. You are the one in charge. I am sorry to say that I have no confidence in the established medical system. This is not to take away from the life saving job that is done in emergency centers and amazing advancements in reconstructive plastic surgery. However, in my opinion the medical industry coupled with the pharmaceutical giants have made treatment a big money maker. The damage done by pills, inhumane diagnostics and so called treatments have now resulted in the death of over 250,000 Americans every year in what is called accidental death or iatrogenic deaths. More people die every year from this than all those killed in all the wars in American history. This is the direct result of improper prescription, misdiagnosis, diagnostic procedures and this is not to mention an estimated 200,000 more deaths per year from contacting disease while in the hospital!  Many cures have been suppressed, a concerted effort to make natural cures or even organic food illegal by lobbiests and in my view the entire philosophical approach is something to distance yourself from. Even the Andromedans have said that taking this last swine flue vaccine permanently damages the DNA. As Dr. Shultze from the American Botanical Pharmacy has said, "If you get hit by an 18 wheeler, get sewn up and then get the H out of there.' And this most recent scandal, regarding the swine flu vaccines, which has now been labeled a 'hoax' by the committee investigating this from the European Union in my mind makes the entire medical establishment lose credibility. From the W.H.O. (world health organization) in league with Big Pharma, to prescribed treatments that your doctor must follow, it becomes clear that people have given over their power to these authority figures and the  result is mass abuse.  Any doctor who recommends alternative treatments to cancer is now guilty of a felony. This in my 'mind eliminates them from a meaningful discussion of the topic. Anybody doing any research into the connection between autism and thimerosol used in vaccines can see that they are related; yet the FDA approves and even condones its use. Just my opinion; but for me the medical system should be used as a last resort and primarily for emergency purposes and people need to learn how to take their power back and take responsibility for their health and the health of their children. In my opinion, anybody who cares for your health should tell you to get detoxed once a year. Toxins lodge in your system in places that immobilize the immune system. Both Dr. Shultze and Bashar have said that with a thorough detox and proper nourishment (Super Food) about 85% of all health issues disappear.  And if you know anything about how the universe operates. you learn to put a positive spin on any outer health issue; so that you can create a positive experience. For more on 'Healing the Known and Unknown' and learning the psychological tools to create and maintain health go to Personally, I still like Bashar's idea, "Create the effect of being happy, and you will attract into your lives all of the causes to support the happiness you have created ...just because you want to." You don't get happiness from the outside, it is created inside. In the old days, with Baba Ram Dass, he used to say that "Desire is like an ice-cream cone that melts in time." Once you think happiness is acquiring something, in time you want something else or else fear losing it. The only thing that can satisfy the mind is when it merges with the Higher Self. Thus, the importance of this initial realization which leads you to the spiritual life. Observing people, I see they spend an excessive amount of time (anything over zero) complaining about who has what obligation to whom, or what expectation they have of others that others don't even know about, or especially blaming their ex spouse or ex boyfriend/girlfriend, justifying their current circumstance; because it was someone else to blame, or spending time mulling over the past. All of this just creates you as a victim. Blame, complaint and justification are the key signs of victim hood mentality. Get out of the past. Deal with it, put a positive spin on it and move on to the NOW. As the great Swami Satchidanada always said, "Make no appointment and you'll have no disappointment." Also he said, "Love gives pleasure to the one that gives and the one that receives and displeasure to none."  He was also a big time proponent of serving. Even today when you call the ashram the response is, "How can I serve you." Why is this, because he knew the value of it. And also Mother Mary, as channeled by Jeanne Hatch at the College of Christ Consciousness, also knows this and why I want to share with you her response to the question "Is there a recipe for humility?" "First, let us define the term 'humility', as it means different things to different people, depending on what each has been taught or trained to think. Many erroneously believe that humility is equated with lowliness or a lack of power; as indicated by the word humiliation. The Truth is just the opposite. Humility is not a state of powerlessness or low self esteem where one feels unequal to someone else. True humility is a very high state of consciousness which has its source in service to others. When you shift your attitude to that of feeling honored to be allowed to serve someone or some cause, you have attained the first level of humility. Humility is achieved through process rather than by following a recipe. Actually, each of you have been in the process of attaining humility since the day you were born. Humility is the lesson and Life is the teacher. Every challenge you have ever encountered throughout your life was an opportunity to learn humility. If you want to achieve humility, then look at your life NOW. Let yourself see all the situations you are currently in and all the people you are currently relating to, then ask yourself, "how can I best serve (this situation, this person)" Let go of your resistance to being there (in that situation or with that person), and allow yourself to develop an appreciation for this opportunity to serve. Let go of your expectation of reward or receiving anything in return. Just give whatever is required no matter how difficult that may be. Give without any strings attached or any attachment to the outcome. If you do this long enough, you will release an energy of Love within yourself that will flow like a river, and you will come to the place in consciousness where you actually feel grateful that the situation or person allowed you to serve them. Your gratitude will arise out of the Knowing you will have that Humility IS the recipe for happiness, love, peace and joy." Swamiji would say that we are all looking for peace and happiness; but each of us goes about attaining it in their own way. He also said, "The root cause of all suffering is selfishness."  And as Basar says, "Therefore. recognize, that for every single one of you YOUR FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE IS TO BE THE PERSON YOU HAVE DESIGNED YOURSELF TO BE. It is no more complex than that. It is to do what excites you the most and to be of service by doing so; TO THE FULLEST YOU CAN BE, BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER BE THIS YOU AGAIN. The things that come with excitement are the answers, are the signals, are the signposts; that's what excitement is. It's tapping you squarely on the shoulder saying, This is what you want to be doing right now. The reason it excites you is because it is aligned with the idea of who you are; that's what excitement is. The second thing it tells you is that because it is who you are, if you act on it with trust and conviction, it will be the thing that can be the most effortless thing you will ever do--because it is who you are. You are being yourself. And so of course it will be effortless. The only time you have struggle and pain is when you are trying to be someone you are not, again fighting the flow, buying into the definitions of what other individuals say you ought to be. The third thing that tells you when a situation comes along that is more exciting than the other is: this is the thing that if you do it, will support you in the most abundant way to allow you to keep doing it in a more expanded, ever spiraling way. Therefore, you will automatically be able to attract the opportunities to allow you to do the thing that excites you the most. Excitement is the thread that leads to all other excitement, as long as you are acting on the things that excite you the most, with integrity--which means functioning as a whole idea, and not stopping to think of yourself as a collection of parts, or compartments, that is scattered here and there. Recognize that all the different things that have your attention are all part of the same whole idea, and will all fall into place automatically when you act on the one that represents your strongest intention. Then you can flow.That is focus and trust; that is allowance; that is willingness to understand that by definition everything that excites you must fit, and will have a perfect timing in which to do so." My sincere best in your attainment of happiness, full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the author via PayPal donation at