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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

One of the questions I get asked a lot is about what techniques to do and which are the most powerful? I love what Swami Satchidananda used to say when he said, "Yoga is like candy. You can start anywhere you like." To me, it is the same with techniques. Generally speaking the ones you are drawn to are the most powerful for you at that time. I should mention that to my way of thinking all spiritual growth has a great foundation. That foundation is developing the habits that make for excellent health, a solid moral foundation and the desire for enlightenment. It is most daunting to make progress with ill health. This is one of the reasons that I call my website at etyoga 'Healing the Known and Unknown' because I realize how important it is to get your body working to maximum. Please see the blog at this site called 'Keeping You and Your Kids Healthy' for specifics on the foundation of excellent health; which comes from Bashar, Essassani. Most people can benefit greatly from meditation. Many people have an interest to start meditating but find excuses in not finding a proper program or the money. Meditation to me is a basic and you need to find a way to get started. Meditation can mean many things. It can mean taking the time out every day to get calm and link with your Higher Self. It can mean visualizing how you would act in Joy from different external circumstances and then apply this in your daily life. It can mean meditating on a mantra which is a sacred sound. These sounds resonate at higher dimensions and thus assist in raising your frequency. They work kind of like a tuning fork which resonates at a high level and thus eliminates those frequencies which are at the low end of vibration. It is also a training for the mind. You learn to focus on one thing and when you become aware of losing that focus, you gently bring the mind back to its task. You learn to be the master of the mind and also develop a perspective which more resembles that of a witness to your thoughts instead of being lost in them. You can also choose to meditate on a candle flame or a yantra; which is like a physical mantra. On my website I include many of these techniques and believe you will find this section of techniques very helpful to your spiritual growth. The idea is to not have expectations when you meditate but more like a flower that is getting water,you will benefit over the course of time by being consistent in your practice. That is not to rule out the possibility of extra-ordinary experiences! In addition to meditation it is important to develop some kind of deep breathing program. Sri Ramana Maharshi has said, "Breath control in also a help. It is one of the various methods that are intended to help us attain one-pointedness. Breath control can also help to control the wandering mind and attain this one pointedness and therefore it can be used. But one should not stop there. After obtaining control of the mind through breathing exercises one should not rest content with any experience that may accrue therefrom, but should harness the controlled mind to the question 'Who Am I? till the mind merges with the Self". At my website the techniques download there is a complete breathing program as taught by Swami Satchidananda. The optimum sequence of techniques is to do Hatha Yoga or the Yoga postures first, then the pranayamas or breathing and then meditation. I am a big fan of Sri Ramana's method of Self Enquiry which is called the Vichara and also go into detail at the website explaining this technique. And it was doing this very same technique that my first experience of going through the doorway happened. As Ramana says, "The first and foremost of all thoughts, the primeval thought in the mind of every man, is the thought 'I'. It is only after the birth of this thought that any other thoughts can arise at all. It is only after the first personal pronoun 'I', has arisen in the mind that the second personal pronoun, 'you', can make its appearance. If you could mentally follow the 'I' thread until it led you back to its source you would discover that, just as it is the first thought to appear, so it is the last to disappear. This is a matter which can be experienced.Unless and until a man embarks on this quest of the true Self, doubt and uncertainty will follow his footsteps through life. The greatest kings and statesmen try to rule others when in their heart of hearts they know that they cannot rule themselves. Yet the greatest power is at the command of the man who has penetrated to his inmost depth......What is the use of knowing about everything else when you do not yet know who you are? Men avoid this enquiry into the true Self, but what else is there so worthy to be undertaken.?" Another activity recommended by the Pleiadians for those of you who wish to move into a vast acceleration of energy is spinning. This tremendously accelerates the spinning of the chakra systems inside your body, which tremendously accelerates the rate at which you can interpret and receive data. The Pleiadians have also stated that we have 5 chakras that operate outside of the physical body. Thus the 12 chakras relate to the 12 strands of DNA that we were meant to have activated. The 8th chakra is located twelve inches to three feet above the body and is a transducer of energy for the other cosmic chakras. The ninth offers your consciousness great mobility, and through this center you can explore the timelines of Earth where you have lived again and again. The tenth connects and extends your consciousness anywhere in the solar system. The 11th is your galactic chakra and allows your consciousness to explore anywhere within the Milky Way. the twelfth connects you to realities beyond your own Galaxy. These chakras are information centers or vortexes that, once activated, begin to spin. When they spin, they create a movement inside your body that activates the light-encoded filaments to work together, rebundle and form the twelve evolving helixes in the body. Again at the website all of these techniques are taught in the download regarding 'Techniques'. In addition to the above are two more very powerful practices. First is the Merkaba technique. This involves the activation of the light body and allows you to transcend this dimension. It is also connected to the idea of Ascension as in my opinion a similar process will at some time take place for the Earth; as it Ascends into the next dimension. And finally, the last technique available at my site is the 'XYZ' extra-terrestrial meditation. Whether you believe in extra-terrestrials or not you will still get the benefits from doing this practice. It is designed to expand your consciousness and is related to the idea of Prime Radiant; which in simplified terms means that everything is the expression of One thing. The meditation itself approximates the experience of being at the center of creation. According to it's giver, Bashar, "It's a Doozie!"  My version of this meditation is available for purchase at the site. etyoga was designed to provide you with a one stop shop for Personal Self Empowerment, provide the necessary information to place your body in optimum condition, and offer all of the above techniques to enhance your spiritual growth. It also offers a great deal of information concerning Healing the Known and Unknown. Thus, gives you an opportunity to distance yourself from mainstream medical procedures, pills and treatments. The site is nearly complete and should be up and running on all cylinders by the end of the month. You will also find there a 3 minute referral by Michele Blood at MPowerTV concerning my site. Michele started a marketing idea for those who were making a difference in the area of consciousness on the planet and ET Yoga was chosen as one of ten. At the site are two E-books combined into one, a free download for those in abusive relationships, the embedded BBS radio ET Yoga blog which contains a lot of information, the download for techniques, the XYZ extra-terrestrial meditation, four specific one hour shows from the ET Yoga worldwide radio program and how you can order privately 34 one hour, archived ET Yoga radio shows on one CD.  Many of my listeners hear these shows on a weekly basis as they contain an enormous amount of information as well as practical ideas similar to this ET Yoga Blog. If you like the Blog you'll like the shows.  I hope you enjoy the site, the free information and the choices to assist you in achieving full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the author via PayPal donation at