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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

You know in the world today it just boggles my mind how just about everything including the basics has to be relearned; as truly Black is White and White is Black. We are still being taught that the four major foods groups are good for us, fluoride is good but pure water isn't, untested vaccines are good, sunlight is bad even though it is vitamin D from sunlight that protects against cancer, bio-genetic foods are good but natural organic foods and supplements are not good. Natural cures for cancer are no good; but barbaric chemo therapy, surgery and radiation are good. The list goes on and on but at the very heart of it all is the FREQUENCY CONTROL, THE CREATION OF FEARFUL POWERLESS BEINGS AND THE CREATION OF REALITY EXPERIENCE WITH A SPIN OF VICTIM HOOD! Lets take a look at an average day for many people. You wake up, hit the radio, get ready for work and drive or take public transit with ear plugs listening to music, then your attention is on your task on the job, pretty much the same on the way home; then you turn on the computer and check your e-mails and news, then turn on the television catch the news and your favorite shows (which are on every night or sports)  and it is on from the time you get home to the time you fall asleep.  Where in this daily routine did you get clear about what you want in life? Where did you meditate to get free of the matrix? Where did you visualize and use your imagination? What amount of time did you utilize becoming aware of the powerful being that you are; which is creating everything in your outer experience? Where is the time devoted to becoming aware of your own beliefs that either need to be fostered or reprogrammed? Who and what has captured your attention? Where is the focus on the NOW; WHICH IS WHERE YOUR POWER LIES? In addition to electromagnetic frequency control we allow the media to capture  our attention and then program our imaginations, essentially canceling out our unique creative drive to manifest our reality; as well as the desire  of know ourselves. If you have been a regular reader of the ET Yoga blogs you surely are aware that the meaning you give to outer events creates the experience you will have. Imagine the evening news is putting the spin on outer events that we will experience. It truly is reality creation to have mass numbers of people believing the same thing. When thought creates critical  mass it manifests in our reality. And most generally this spin is a negative one! You are not being given the ideas that we are creating Heaven on Earth; but rather a view of Hell on Earth. You have been conditioned to believe that all you need to know can now be found in the wonderful world of electronic boxes and the information and entertainment they hold. A high price to pay to see who wins a game with balls. From 'Bringers of the Dawn',"We recommend strongly that you get rid of your television sets. They are the primary tool used to manipulate your consciousness on a day to day basis. This experiment is so finely tuned that you respond subliminally to disease via the the television. So there is an entire generation that is killing itself by watching television-and supporting the  medical society while they are doing it.Sometimes liberating information is broadcast, perhaps even a New Age show. However, you may watch such a television show about how uplifted and unlimited you can be, while subliminally you're being hit with a frequency that keeps you from original thinking. This subliminal keeps you immobilized and holds you in a survive, arrive, be-on-time ,be silent, go to work society. Television also promotes inactivity and a sedentary obese life. Look around you. Wake up Humans!  Most of the subliminals on television are done through technology that was developed in conjunction with off planetary beings. The use of subliminals to upset human consciousness has become a world-wide program. If you think about the houses that have two, three and four televisions in them,you must agree that this has been a very successful marketing program. Some people who know about the subliminals on television feel that they are immune to them. However, the effects of television are so permeating that no matter how clear you say you are going to be, you cannot counterbalance, what the technology is presently doing to your vibrational frequency. As a matter of fact , if you really want to evolve, do not read your newspapers, do not listen to the radio, and do not watch television. If you are able to be media free for periods of time, and you disengage yourself from the frequency of chaos and anxiety and stress and hustle-bustle and temptations of all kinds that you don't need, You begin to listen to what is going on inside of yourself and to live in the world and not necessarily be lost in it. Electronics also jam your frequency. Plus as we have said many of them are designed to create static so that you will always stay at a certain vibratory rate, turning you into safe, harmless, inactive cattle. What about the computer? The second most predominant piece of hardware in the United States is the computer. How many of you go to work on computers and end up getting headaches, particularly when you work for large corporations and are hooked up to their mainframe? Large companies are into aspects of mind control; they use your minds to generate energy to achieve something for themselves, Personal computers are not as potent and powerful. " And from 'No More Secrets No More Lies',"Subliminal sound messages are overlaid into the audio of television commercials, imperceptible to the conscious but perceived at the subconscious level. They are also transmitted via the internet--you are just beginning to recognize the dark potential of such technology. " Going back to the second paragraph of this blog, let's begin our day with a few moments of appreciation. For one, what you appreciate, appreciates. How about a few minutes to visualize how your day might play out? How about getting up even twenty minutes earlier and have a quality mantra meditation? How about intending for a few minutes on something you want to create? How about working on keeping your center or peace throughout the day? How about having the attitude that you work for God and do your job from an attitude of service instead of what you can get? How about when you get home finding some spiritual reading? What about making sure you get some good exercise at least three times a week? How about taking care of the physical body? What about doing a Pillar of Light meditation, preceded by some pranayama or yogic breathing? How about working towards a vegan diet? How about planning a trip to nature? How about getting some sun? How about cutting back or even eliminating television and devoting that time to something you just love to do; but never seem to have the time? How about using your I-Magi-nation for twenty minutes? How about find out how you can live your joy? How about working on eliminating fears or even making a friend of fear? Fear is connected with all of the above in a way that makes us powerless. All fear is illusion. False Evidence Appearing Real. And your power ends where your fear begins.  And your fear creates you as a victim. It is really the ego just trying to protect you from perceived outside dangers. However, the role of the ego was designed to keep you focused. It happened all so innocently, this disconnection with our Higher Selves-- Who we really are. And this disconnection evolved into the energy of frustration. According to the Arcturians, "The universe we find ourselves in began about 20 billion years ago as a point of light within the mind of God. This point of light was contained within a greater point of light, which was contained in a greater point etc. The first souls called the Founders, these original sparks of consciousness decided to embed a tiny portion of themselves into the evolving worlds in order to experience them more directly. Originally they created a multitude of energy patterns, precursors to what we call the DNA molecule. At one point in time, the Earth was populated with amazing 12 strand DNA. However Orion and Alpha Draconian civilization interfered with the experiment." This loss of memory or connection with our Higher Selves keeps up in a very very dense dimensional reality. However, as Bashar says, the further you pull back a rubber band the farther it flies when you let go. And taking responsibility for creating our outer experience is the first step in letting go. Then the circumstance changes from creating ourselves as victims to regaining our Power; as the Super Being we were created to be. And those who would take your attention as well as your intention, know that THERE IS NO THEY THAT'S THE SECRET THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW." (See the blog with this title at this site). The collective consciousness creates the outer reality on this planet. That's why you need to make a choice to create what you want or others will create it for you! My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the writer via PayPal donation at