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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

So you have figured out that in some previous lifetime you spent some time in an off Earth experience; which technically makes you an extra-terrestrial! Of course in some future time we all will be the extra-terrestrials for some Earth like planet. However, for the moment 'ET Needs More Input'. If you are an avid reader of this blog, you have already acquired quite a bit of information. It is meant to be a kernel along the way to the real jewels of information at the web site. Keeping in mind that you cannot 'Conceive' what you do not 'Contain' as Bashar would say. As an author, you can't 'Give Away the Farm' so to speak; so if you are truly looking for more input, I can suggest the following: The E-books at contain a one stop shop for 'Self Empowerment and Healing'. Why 'Healing', you may ask? Because when you reach a certain point in the Self Empowerment area, it crosses over into the 'Healing' aspect. These E-books contain many jewels of information about some subjects, I dare say, you have never heard of. And they also point you to about 150 pages of related internet content that would take thousands of hours to locate. I use the E-books and these related links, all printed, to form what I affectionately call 'My Bible'. (It wasn't distorted or had many of the main ideas deleted!) The actual name of the site is 'Healing the Known and Unknown' and as a spiritual seeker looking forward to Ascension, you will need to distance yourself from mainstream medical and the pharmaceutical industry. Why you may ask? Because certain forces operating on this planet are trying to disconnect you from 4th and 5th dimensional awareness and your Higher Self. One of the ways this is accomplished  is the chemical content of your water, food, bio-genetics, chemtrails, perscription drugs, medical procedures and vaccines. If you want to be self sufficient in the area of taking responsibility for your health and curing issues, then you can learn this in the E-books. Another aspect of the site at is the article 'Techniques'. These range from basic meditation with mantras and yantras as taught by Sri Swami Satchidananda to pranayamas (yogic breathing) , the 'Who AM I' technique as taught by Sri. Ramana Maharshi, the Merkaba technique and the Pleiadian 'Pillar of Light' and 'Spinning' techniques; which are designed to activate and bundle DNA and make it possible to receive 'More Input'! Speaking of 'In Put', for those who did not hear the BBS world-wide radio program, ET Yoga, you have the opportunity to hear 34 hours of this program on 1 CD. This isn't your average radio show with commercials and lots of extraneous conversation. It is jam packed with information. Many listeners still play these shows over and over again because of how much and how deep is the content . This CD is the only product at that is not a download. It is mailed individually upon purchase, anywhere in the world. The ET Yoga blog has had tens of thousands of people commenting and will soon have a translator button; so that information can be read in 58 different languages. I highly suggest you search the archived blogs for topics of interest. Also at is my version of Bashar's 'XYZ' extra-terrestrial meditation, designed to expand consciousness. Do it and you will see; as have many listeners to the ET Yoga radio show, where it was played live, 3 times upon request. Of course this expansion of consciousness will come in handy if you purchase the articles 'Secrets of Our Extra-terrestrial Heritage', 'Miracle Cures' and soon to be released 'New Thinking to Solve Old Problems'. These all go kind of hand in hand with "Wizzardry 101'; which is about 'Real Magic'! All available at On the lighter side, the original ET Yoga T-shirt, now available at Zazzle, will also be linked at the site. I just love it; as it has a large ET Yoga logo across the front (similar to the Home Page logo) and mine is in light blue to best match the colors. I have completed the 'ET Yoga' book and looking for a publisher. Hopefully, one will emerge soon and this will also be linked for sale at the site. By the way, this blog site is also embedded at the site with music, graphics, soon to be lots of pictures, a free download 'The Root Cause of Disease' and a video, by Michele Blood of MPowerTV, explaining 'Healing the Known and Unknown'. All of the above was designed, as previously stated, as a one stop shop for all you ET's out there needing 'More Input'. If you are a regular visitor to this ET Yoga blog or any of the articles has made a difference in your life---please feel free to support the author (whose livelihood is writing and speaking) by purchasing any of the above at or by making donations via PayPal to There is also a donate button at the site. My best wishes towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (for contact information please go to