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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

I was inspired to write about the Pyramids; because it seems required. Some of the best information comes from the Arcturians; as channeled by Sal Rachele. "As many channeled writings will confirm. Thoth was the engineer behind the Great Pyramid. ( According to some sources Thoth is a specific historical man who went through Ascension 52,000 years ago. For 16,000 years he was King of Atlantis, where his name was Chiquetet Arlich  Vomalites and he remained on Earth until  May 4, 1991!!) This device served several purposes; but its primary function was an ascension chamber and controller of Earth's grid system. As correctly pointed out by your "Egyptologists", it was aligned with Mintaka, the central star in Orion's belt. Mintaka became the central point in Orion's enlightened government following the resolution of the Rigel-Betelguese wars about 100,000 years ago. Mintaka also had geographical and geological significance in that it indicated a central axis point of Earth's precession of grand cycles, occurring every 25, 920 years (approximately). The grid system of Earth was correlated with the point at Giza being the center of the grid, and ley lines and vortexes coming off at various sacred geometric angles therefrom. The Martians, during their heyday, had a similar grid system constructed at the same latitude and longitude on their planet, also engineered by seventh density Pleiadians, but alas it never achieved its potential as a Portal for Ascension, due to interference from Orion and Draco factions. Another strategic purpose of the Great Pyramid was to serve as an incoming Portal for groups of Pleiadians; so that the purity and vision of the original blueprint would have a fighting chance of getting re-established on Earth. Thoth and his group had a fair degree of success in working with the Atlanteans to construct temples of initiation and soul evolution along the banks of the Nile. Of the several thousand Atlanteans who made this area their home a significant percentage took part in the ascension activities and initiations in the Great Pyramid. The seventh density Pleiadians constructed the device in a matter of days (I think these were fourth dimensional 'days' so would be much longer in 3D--maybe years), using levitation and laser technology. A series of passageways were designed to accommodate those who needed extended periods inside the device in order to accelerate their ascension templates in preparation for moving into fifth density light bodies. The subterranean chambers beneath the Giza Plateau were already inhabited by those who had escaped underground during previous conflagrations. The Pleiadians in concert with these underground groups established the Hall of Records several thousand feet below the Great Pyramid. The sphinx was later erected by another group of Egyptians to mark the entrance to the portal. The pyramid was completed in approximately 10,500 B.C. It has only been in the last 20 years that scientists on your world have correctly dated the great Pyramid. Until recently it was assumed this device was linked to various other pyramids that were constructed  (using the labor of the Egyptian people) to serve as tombs for the Pharoahs." When Bashar (for those not familiar with Bashar, he is a multi-dimensional being, of Essassani heritage, channeled by Darryl Anka and in my view the equivalent of an Ascended Master) was asked why the location of the Great Pyramid, he said, "It is the main balance point of the planet." And Alex Collier, Andromedan contactee, says that according to the Andromedans." When a species wants to inhabit a planet, they need to balance the wobble. The pyramid is like a weight on a wheel; which balances the rotation." Bashar also says, "That as we speak, contracts and agreements are being made to disclose our history from the Atlantean times to the present; which are under the Sphinx!" He also says that this information will become public in two or three years and not hidden; as so many discoveries in the past have been suppressed. Russian pyramid studies indicate that higher intensity 'torsion fields' automatically out resonate everything that would be harmful to life--even turning toxic poisons into inert, safe substances. There has to be a breakdown in your own torsion field for disease to manifest. Events such as plagues and diseases do not happen at random. They flourish when the conditions of consciousness allow them to. Even if you yourself do not have a sufficiently positive loving attitude to out-resonate these problems on your own, it has been scientifically proven that getting other people to pray for you can have a very substantial healing effect. Other people's naturally occurring torsion fields can be directed towards you to pump up the frequency of your own "energy" sufficient to shatter the viruses or  bacteria causing the problem. The best defense to flu is grounding in unconditional love, gratitude and compassion; which exhibit frequencies that shatter disease or do not allow it to penetrate the system, rather than fear which attracts this energy and the illusion that you need protection. A universal principle in nature is that internally coherent systems possess the ability to repel external influences; while incoherent systems are easily penetrated by disorder from outside. This principle of invincibility is clearly illustrated in physics as the Meissner Effect and in the functioning of a nation as the Maharishi Effect. The Earth itself is a source of energy that radiates what the Russians refer to as 'torsion fields'. It is a natural source, which comes from the Earth, from the Sun and from the Center of the Galaxy. This is again why when you're in alignment with the Center of the Galaxy at 14 hours and 30 minutes sidereal time, your ESP ability goes up by about 400%. The Earth is giving off an energy field like that as well. This energy field is actually what fuels physical matter to sustain its own existence. Each little atom and molecule is like a sponge that takes this energy in like a fluid and extracts it back out again. The latest Russian research on Pyramids shows: A spherical energy field surrounds any pyramidal structure. (By the way the pyramid has a consciousness of its own!), the Center of the Galaxy is actually our primary source of in-streaming torsion wave energy, an object will gradually displace into a higher density as it vibrates closer to the speed of light. oil wells become more productive with a pyramid above them, agricultural seeds increase their yield,  pathogenic viruses and bacteria become significantly less damaging to life after being held in the pyramid, foods stored in a pyramid increase human compassion (A quantity of salt was stored inside a pyramid. It was later removed and fed continually to about 5,000 people in different jails in Russia and amazingly within a few months there was a dramatic improvement in their behavior and most criminal behavior almost completely disappeared. It validates the idea that aetheric energy is spiritual energy and that as a person is exposed to higher intensities of it, there is a propensity for greater feelings of love and compassion for others) and the pyramids have a very beneficial effect on humans. According to Collier, the Center of the Galaxy is currently pulsing a new sound and frequency that will raise all of the dimensions up one level. If you do some research, you will see that this has been detected by scientific research as well. In my opinion this energy, coming from this torsion field, will have a similar effect on earth as the salt in the Russian jails! Bashar has also stated that after 2012 the Earth will be slightly positive, where before was predominantly negative in vibration. As we approach zero point energy in 2012 the Russians are utilizing pyramids and the effect of pyramids with the Egyptian Healing Rods. The rods are copper, zinc and crystal that have been forged in the pyramids.  In effect, holding the rods is like being inside a pyramid. The assumption that ancient sculptures of Egyptians holding scrolls in their hands, turns out to be they were holding the rods! They have a harmonizing effect on the Ba and Ka or Yin and Yang energy flows. The greater part of our illnesses begin with disharmony between two fundamental flows of energy. Hence, use of something that balances these flows, leads to healing of the organism. They also stimulate higher chakras and the immune system and it has been scientifically proven that holding the rods for 15 minutes is equivalent to an hour of acupuncture. Personally, I wear a crystal tetrahedron and according to Master Kuthumi a crystal vibrates at a very high rate and is an intermediary between dimensions.  As mentioned previously, the geometric shape of the pyramid has a consciousness of its own. According to 'Nothing in This Book Is True But Its Exactly How Things Are', " Thoth together with Ra and Araaragot, who were also former kings of Atlantis, got the blue print for the Christ-consciousness grid and went to Egypt. They went to Egypt (which at the time was known a Kem) because the flame which contained the ovum of our collective consciousness had an axis point which emerged there. Someday the grid associated with that point would mature as Christ-consciousness. They drilled a hole straight down the axis, which extends through the Earth, to the ovum of our consciousness. This axis comes out in Egypt and also on the other side of the Earth in Moorea, a small island near Tahiti. Thoth says that there is a vortex or spiral on both ends of the axis and that a shadow of it formed on the ground would look like a logarithmic spiral. They then built three pyramids on that spiral. The primary purpose of the pyramids was to move our consciousness from the first level through the middle level (where we are now), to the third or Christ-consciousness level. It was an instrument for planetary initiation, designed specifically to take a forty-four plus two chromosome person into Christ -consciousness and stabilize him." Another purpose for the Pyramids and Sphinx was to mark the locations where the real history of the Earth is kept. This would include our extra-terrestrial heritage as well. Most of history as it has been presented to us, is not correct. There is a link between the Sphinx in Egypt to the rock Sphinx in Bucegi, Romania and to Tibet. There are underground tunnels connecting all three; as well as records of human history and extra-terrestrial contact. This information also includes the true history of man.  According to sources who have seen the underground discoveries in Romania, when the Star Gate there was activated it also activated the one in Iraq. They also say the two are also connected via underground tunnels. The skeletons of Giants have also been found in Transylvania; which would be another link to the Annunaki. I refer the reader to the book, 'Transylvania Sunrise'. And another well kept secret that can be google searched are the Tataria Tablets also found in Transylvania; which have been found to be Pre-Sumerian and the oldest known language dating back about 7,000 years. I hope this article has shed some light on the time frame, creators,  purposes, processes in building the pyramids and how they connect to healing, torsion fields and ascension. Of course there are certain interests on this planet that would like to keep all of this a secret. The uncovering of our history from the times of Atlantis and made public will go a long way getting us up to speed. My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. 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