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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

Ironically, this headline appeared in the 70's in the Winnipeg Free Press and a full page article accompanied it. I wrote the article.  The effect of meditation has been proven over and over again over the last 40 years; but because enough of us don't 'GET IT', it has not been implemented. It is actually scientifically called the Maharishi Effect. There is a direct relationship between the number of people who meditate and the crime rate. So, clearly, if you want a more peaceful world, then meditate daily. If you don't know how, please to to and get the article called 'Techniques'. It includes information about how to meditate with Yantras and Mantras as taught by the great Swami Satchidananda. And in addition, this article also has other techniques to activate your DNA and provides a complete course in Yogic pranayamas, or breathing program. For those interested in Ascension, the Merkaba technique is also there and for those interested in consciousness expansion there is the 'XYZ' or Extra-terrestrial meditation. It has been scientifically proven over the years that the inner world reflects in the outer world. We now know that our inner definitions, beliefs, emotions and intentions created the outer experience. It is a perfect reflection based on our own thoughts!  This is one of the main areas of information passed to us from positive ETs!  And further, we have a collective consciousness that is also based on the exact same formula. One of the obvious examples of this concept is shown by the master dog trainer Ceasar Millan, who teaches dog owners that the behavior of the dog is the reflection of their emotional state. Dogs pick up instantly our every emotion. It is by creating a NEW POSITIVE direction that change takes place. It doesn't come about by blame, complaint and justification of our circumstances; which is all related to victim hood mentality. You don't get Peace by hating War, you get Peace by Loving Peace. And going against the negative, only serves to perpetuate its existence; which is not the primary intention. If enough people put out a positive vibration, there can be enormous changes in the experiential reality. (Please see the article at this website entitled, 'Raising Your Vibration.') It has also been scientifically proven that the neural center in the Heart is 100 times more powerful, electrically, than the brain and has 5,000 times the power of the brain magnetically. It is the 'Brain in the Heart' that emits a frequency about 10 feet from the physical body and also interfaces with the morphogenetic field that determines your 'Reality'.  That is why Bashar, Essassani ET, tells us that 'Outer Circumstances Don't Matter, Only My State of Being Matters'. Positive state of being creates and changes your physical structure. Positive state of being also creates its reflection in the outer world. If you want to be in Joy, then imagine in your mind's eye how a person in Joy would behave and then mimic the behavior in the outer world. You can do this. Just like in the 70's when it became apparent to many that other people can't 'Make you angry', you can have the awareness to determine or chose if you wish to be angry or not. This is just a higher level of the same principle. Soon, we will probably also get confirmation from scientists, that the spin you put on outer events determines the experience! This is very close to what is taught at the quantum physics level concerning expectation, in relation to the results of scientific experimentation. The results follow the beliefs and expectations of the person doing the experiment. (See at this site, The Power of Belief') Because that is how the universe works. No outer circumstance comes with built in meaning. Like the way the spin is put on the news by mainstream media or the Fear that is constantly being shoved in your face. Every outer circumstance is inherently neutral and we put an emotional spin on it and that determines our 'Experience'.  It is also why the primary function of the rational mind is to place a positive spin on outer circumstances; so we get a positive experience. No event is one sided and we always have a choice. It is like, you cannot have a coin without two sides and similarly with experiences. The more people on this planet that choose to view all the outer circumstances as positive, will directly relate to the amount of drastic awakening we need to experience. In my opinion we are currently involved with overlapping Time Lines and like choosing television channels, we can attract ourselves without changing others to a frequency or Time Line where there are the versions of others with thoughts similar to our own. There are an infinite number of co-existing realities out there and we choose the one we prefer and primarily by our emotions. By the way, all disease is caused by dysfunctional emotions and a judgment of a neutral circumstance in a negative way. The emotions of Unconditional Love, Gratitude and Compassion are the antidote to disease. ( Please go the 'Healing the Known and Unknown' at for more on this.) I would further suggest the reader go to the 'Ultimate Truths of Reality' at the College of Christ Consciousness on the internet to view specific truths about the laws that govern existence in the universe that are practical in nature. All of these 'Truths' are what Jesus really taught 2,000 years ago, what Bashar teaches today and what the College of Christ Consciousness teaches today. All the same stuff. From the ETs, Christ and the secret teachings that have been kept in the mystery schools, they all concur. This is without religion by the way. (I refer the reader to the article at this website entitled, "Why Spirituality over Religion'.) All positive ET's have a name for God, like Prime Creator, or All That Is etc. In the old days, Swami Satchidananda would say "As many minds, as many Gods". Because the finite mind is not capable of defining the infinite. What we most want to describe, there aren't any words for, it must be experienced. When you take a cup to the ocean, the ocean takes the shape of the cup. Similarly, when you take the mind to Prime Creator, it takes the shape of your mind. We are soon approaching some major changes in our world and you should rejoice at many of these changes; as knowingly or not many of these old programs have served to keep humanity in bondage. In some way, this truly is a prison planet. But getting a diploma from Earth is one of the highest in the universe; as we have chosen to dive deep into the Dark. We have gone so deep that most of us don't have any connection with our Higher Self and many don't even know we have a Higher Self. Our total persona is Higher Self at the top. The Higher Self is the creator of ideas, the Mind is the receiver of ideas and the physical Brain is the perceiver of ideas. And as Bashar's rubber band analogy demonstrates, we have the capacity to leap forward like a pulled back rubber band into the Light. So, to make a difference in your reality, start from feeling good and not in fear. All fear is illusory and not in alignment with your Higher Self. Meditate every day, put a positive spin on outer circumstances, be analytical but not judgmental, choose the emotion of Joy, get off meat, exercise, drink pure water, visualize and for accelerated growth do the Pleiadian Pillar of Light and Spinning Techniques. (They are taught in the 'Techniques' article at This site was set up as a one stop shop for Spiritual Seekers.) Of course, I am a bit prejudiced; but I truly believe you can learn quite a bit of fresh information just by going through all the articles at this blog site. If you look to enhance on the information here, you can find tons of related information in the E-books at the 'Healing the Known and Unknown" site at By the way, I love my ET Yoga T-shirt and its logo and will soon be advertised at the site. It is also sold at Zazzle ET Yoga T-shirts. The idea being that Yoga means Union, union of you and your Higher Self. Thus, the ETs are advanced Yogis by teaching us how to be more Self Empowered and connecting with our Higher Selves. That is how the term ET Yoga was derived. My personal background has been with three of the greatest yogis ever, in Sri Ramana Maharashi, Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri. Swami Satchidananda. I find the positive ETs enhance the Yogic teachings; especially in the area of Self Empowerment. My best wishes towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If you feel this post has helped better your life and you care to support the author, you can purchase amazing spiritual products at or make a donation via PayPal to or use the donate button at )