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Article by SisterTalk June 28, 2015

Essential Oils

Mother Earth provides us with every thing we need!

Greetings Divine Ones!

Today we will be talking about Essential Oils. 

Essential oils can aid in emotional, physical, and spiritual discomforts.  There are numerous ways in which to use Essential oils.  They can be used in a diffuser for aromatherapy.  There are both home and car diffusers available.   Essential oils can be added to a carrier oil for massages, some oils can be added to beverages and ingested. The oils which are “supplement” quality can also be used in cooking. Typically if the oil can be ingested it will have “supplement” information on the bottle.  It is imperative prior to ingesting any essential oil to check with the company that manufactures the oil to ensure that the oil is proper and good for ingesting.

Not all oils are created equal.  It is important to use quality oils.  Experimenting with a few oils from different companies is a good way to find which ones are of good quality. 

Essential oils can also be used for our pets. Check with your veterinarian before using any oils on your pets. Essential oils such as rosemary and eucalyptus are natural insect repellants for your home and gardens. If you have a slug or snail invasion cedarwood can come to the rescue. A few drops of peppermint on a cotton ball will repel squirrels and other rodents. A few drops of rosemary on a cotton ball will deter cats from your household plants and gardens. Black pepper repels dog and deer from wanting to wander into your vegetable or flower beds.  Teatree oil is a fungicide for plants and also chakra balancing, and cleansing and clearing rooms in the home or offices. 

To attract bees and other pollinators , orange blossom is irresistible to our little buzzers.  Butterflies can be attracted by lavender, fennel, and sage.  

Some other examples of uses would be Lavender, ylang ylang, cedarwood, myrhh, juniperberrry, are excellent calming oils. 

Geranium is the oil of love and trust, confidence in the innate goodness of self and others, aids in establishing connections that have been broken.  It is a gentle and calming oil which leads away from the logical mind to the wisdom of the heart. 

To aid with insomnia, I would suggest lavender, roman chamomile, or marjoram.

Anger issues can be addressed through the use of lavender, ylang ylang, bergamont, geranium, cedarwood, frankincense, sandalwood, cypress, rose, marjoram, or helichrysum.

Some companies make their own kits and blends to aid with issues such as hyperactivity, alignment, grounding, passion for life, balance, focus, and concentration, inspire imagination, awaken awareness, and balance emotions.  There are many available and worth looking into. 

Certain oils work to enhance the immune system.  Some of these would be oregano, teatree oil, rosemary, clove, frankincense, geranium, thyme, and lavender.  Cinnamon essential oil also works to stimulate the immune system.  

For purification of the air in your home, lemon , lemongrass, teatree oil, eucalyptus, cedarwood, or peppermint are excellent choices either in combinations or by themselves. 

Spiritual and psychic cleansing can be done with frankincense, rosemary, roman chamomile, or lime. Again the oils can be used by themselves or in combinations of two or more.

Oils can be used as natural and environmental friendly cleaners to replace harsh chemicals for cleaning your home.  Lemon, orange oil, teatree oil, lime, grapefruit, geranium, lemongrass. These oils not only clean and disinfect without the harsh chemicals of the cleaners of today, they leave your home smelling wonderful.  Orange oil is an excellent cleaner for most wood furniture. 

Distilled white vinegar (24 oz.), 1 half teaspoon of a grease cutting dish washing liquid, and 20-50 drops of a quality lemon oil makes a wonderful all- purpose green cleaner. 

We recommend asking your naturopath, chiropractor, or homeopathic doctor or do a web search as to which essential oils will aid you for your physical health.  This information is not intended nor recommended to replace medical, psychiatric, or any professional health care. 

Spiritual books such as Bhagavad Gita, the Tao, and the Bible all tell us mother earth provides a cure for everything or anything that may ail you.  The plants and trees were created to heal us.  Native Americans know well that the earth has created a cure for everything.  Shamans and Native Americans spoke to the plants and herbs which would communicate back to them which would be most helpful. 

Mushrooms, marijuana (natural not synthetic) and Ayahuasca were used for spiritual awakening and growth by the Shamans and Native Americans alike.   We are not recommending for anybody to partake in any illegal activity with any substance, we are explaining that mother earth holds the cures for our illnesses and ailments.  Our point is that Gaia loves us and deserves our love in return.  Gaia lavishes us with many gifts of sights, sounds, smells, and pure beauty for all the senses to enjoy, along with everything we need for spiritual, emotional, and physical well -being. We are so loved and blessed!

It’s a Beautiful Day! Blessings to All!