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Article by SisterTalk June 21, 2015

Heart of Many Colors

The self and the collective self

Greetings Divine Ones,

Today we will be discussing the self and the collective self.

A heart of many colors unites in oneness.  Within our individual uniqueness and different personalities, oneness is possible if we view our heart as having many colors.  It is here that we can meet one another on a heart space.  A place without time where now and together can merge each with all.  In this moment there is a blending, an empathy taking place, where we may know the thoughts and/or feelings of another.  A rising in love, embracing divinity, which brings about a knowing that we are all connected in an unconditional united infinity.  This is an intuitive connection which is empowering and uplifting rather than a love which tears down while fighting for rightness and individuality, for that is not love.  Human kind in the veil of separateness, we have forgotten who we are.   We came to a place where love is seen as owning, as possessive jealousy, as almost like a war, which is a struggle of wills, each seeking to overcome the other.  When love is real, from the oneness that unites us, there is freedom, trust, openness, forgiveness, devotion, and meaning to the relationship. 

Everyone seems to be looking for a relationship with that special someone.  What they are missing is that until they are in the place where they belong, the place where they know who they are as a soul, they will not attract the relationship they truly want, but they will attract a relationship with someone who is where they are at in this moment of their path.  It is important to know who we are, what we believe at our very core of our self.  This is what we want in a partner.  Someone who is a soul mate as in a soul match of our highest self.  If we go looking for a partner when we are in despair and a state of fear and confusion, we will find someone who is also in despair and a state of fear and confusion.  If we are in a state of knowing who we are and celebrating life and this journey we are here for, then we will find another who is also knowing who they are and celebrating their journey. 

We cannot love another until we are able to love our own self.  Self- love is an important step on the pathway to loving others.  We have been taught to view self -love as a moral flaw, akin to selfishness.  We have been taught selfishness is a bad thing.  It is however, caring about oneself and taking responsibility for oneself.  I view selfishness as caring enough about oneself to take on the responsibility and initiative to ensure that one maintains health, happiness, and prosperity.  If one is not thriving in life, one is not able to help others.  We cannot give to another, what we do not have. So, in my opinion to say that self-love/selfishness is a moral flaw, the concept in itself is the flaw. 

When a person is out of alignment with the higher self and with the universal law of Divine oneness is when the person can go out of control and commit acts such as murder, theft, and the like.  These acts are not committed on a basis of selfishness, rather they arise from a place of disconnectedness.   When one loses their sense of belonging to the whole, they can develop rage, hostility, fearfulness, and hopelessness which can lead them down a very undesirable path.  If we make a mistake or do something that is not of our highest self or highest good, we can view the contrast of this and know that it is something we have experienced that we do not want to experience again.  

It is important to understand we cannot control other people’s thoughts, feelings, or actions.  We can only control our own thoughts, feelings and actions.  We should not attempt to try to control others.  We are all here on our own spiritual path, for personal growth as a being both individual and as a collective.  If we can all feel our connection with the all that is and with each other, we can raise our own vibrational level both individually and collectively.