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Submitted by samba on 22 April 2021

Adventures Into Sovereignty with Rebecca Cope and Andrew Bartzis

This is a unique show where we take back sovereignty by exploring the corruption prevalent in many of our ‘courts of law.’

Join Rebecca Cope, Prime Minister of Law and Constitution, who's current mission is to restore sanity to law and governance through Sovereignty Consciousness.

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Adventures Into Sovereignty, July 18, 2014 with Andrew Bartzis and Rebecca Cope
Adventures Into Sovereignty, July 11, 2014 with Andrew Bartzis and Rebecca Cope

Featured Guests

Andrew Bartzis
Healer, Psychic Reader, Reiki Master, Teacher, Shaman, Rock Hound, Talk Show Host

Andrew has been an active healer and psychic reader for nearly 20 years. He is a Reiki master and Shaman with many talents in the spirit world. Andrew is available for private readings through this website.

Andrew grew up in north east Ohio. He is a active rock hound and Gemstone and mineral collector. He has nearly 2,000 different crystals, gemstones and meteorites in his personal collection.

Andrew began his journey into spirituality at a very young age. His early childhood life shaped the future person and beyond. It is through the exploration of the childlike innocent that we learn to reclaim the full power of our purpose on this world.

Andrew is a Reiki master and teacher. He is available for special work shops for intermediate to advanced students. Andrew specializes in the hard cases, From cancer and organ transplants to P.T.S.D. and addiction recovery. He is dedicated to empower all people with the knowledge to heal themselves and their family.

This section is to help those new or old to Andrew’s style and way of communicating his teachings

The process of creating and co-creating a reading has just a few steps to understand. For those who have never had a reading or for those who have had many readings. The process in which I connect to the reading is through the seeing of dream time energy that is embedded in your field of energy. This dream-time energy has all the dreams you have held since the day of your birth. When I read these energies I see, hear, feel and know the highs and lows of your dream-time needs. The reading is like building a web of your life with the information from the dream weave energy that is a part of your being.

I start with the basic you – the person at that exact moment who came to the reading.  Some people have difficulty understanding how this evolves. In my practice as a healer, counselor and psychic reader I have encountered thousands of people with endless systems of being ‘themself’. When I do a reading I come from a sacred neutral point of view. All species from Whale to Tree, 8 legged or no legs all have a dream weave patterns around them. – This pattern helps them in their process of evolving as a sentient-person and a Spirit.

I interpret this dream-weave energy as a math formula that does not use numbers. It uses images that connect to a storyline with no order or design. It is the nature of all people to be empaths,  to feel and know without knowing why. Some people wear their dreams on their skin like tattoos, other hide their dreams deep inside. The reading evolves from me as the sacred neutral observer recording what I see, hear, feel, smell and know with out knowing. Once the code is understood, the reading moves along as the various dream time societies come forward to help co-create the reading and the message of self healing.

Rebecca Cope
Prime Minister of Law and Constitution, America's Delegates, UN-Swissindo, Director of NEN's Law Academy, Philanthropist, Key Note Speaker, Justice Reform Advocate, Sovereignty Consciousness Promoter, Retreat Owner, Film Producer, Talk Show Host

Rebecca Cope is Prime Minister of Law and Constitution, America's Delegates, UN-Swissindo. She is Director of NEN's Law Academy.

She and husband Jerry walked side-by-side with President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter and Millard and Linda Fuller for Habitat for Humanity to commemorate a world-wide fund-raiser Rebecca organized. Her efforts led to the family of a founding partner of the Red Lobster Chain designating Habitat as his charity of choice in his obituary.  

Rebecca has been active with homeless causes, participates in Anti-foreclosure networks, and Law and Legal networks.

Rebecca and Jerry attended the first OPPT gathering held in the USA in North Carolina in 2013.

Rebecca and Jerry believe in Dreaming and Doing.  They built a 34-Room Retreat Center from the ground up, on family land, using their own sweat equity and creative ingenuity. They organized and ran programs for 33 years.  Participating Presenters included Drunvalo Melchezidek, Michael Rice, Dr. Walter Ziffer, a survivor of a Nazi Death Camp, Gray Wolf, an Inuit Shaman, Dr. Curg Muldrow, Dr, Stanley Krippner, Dr. Mark Woodhouse, author, Paradigm Wars, Caryl Dennis, avid UFO author and researcher, The Simonton Cancer Center, and more.

Rebecca Cope’s introduction into Justice Reform was harsh:  Her prison pen-pal of 8 years, one she picked off a list to “walk in the shoes of the prisoner’s” was Warren “Mac” McCleskey, who’s name is synonymous with Death Row Injustice. McCleskey v Kemp is known for violating the Due Process Rights of black men, and of all prisoners as Habeas Corpus was denied, not once, but twice.  The infamous decisions handed down in this one case by the Rehnquist Court lifted the 20-Year Moratorium on the Death Penalty.  Rebecca was honored to speak at her friend’s Homegoing Ceremony in 1991.  

Rebecca's current mission is restoring sanity to law and governance through Sovereignty Consciousness.   Her work is a perfect fit with New Earth Nation.