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Guest Name
Ransom Stephens
Guest Occupation
Novelist, Science Writer, Physicist, Speaker, Teacher, Expert Communicator, Author, Engineer, Professor of Physics, Editor, Event Producer, Moderator, Inventor, Matter Discoverer
Guest Biography

Ransom Stephens, Ph.D., is a professor of particle physics turned writer and speaker. He has worked on experiments at SLAC, Fermilab, CERN, and Cornell; discovered a new type of matter and was on the team that discovered the top quark. During the tech boom that ended in 2001, he directed patent development for a wireless web startup and, a few years later, became an expert on timing noise (aka, jitter) which is what paid his bills while he wrote The God Patent.

Ransom lives in Petaluma, California and makes a living by writing novels, giving speeches, producing and MCing literary events, helping engineers solve problems, and teaching writing seminars. He is the author of over 200 articles on impossible subjects like quantum physics, the future of publishing and parenting teenagers.

His first novel, The God Patent, is set in the battle between science and religion over the nature of the soul and the origin of the universe. The story is wrapped around the role of faith in both science and religion and concludes with a surly adolescent math prodigys discovery of the nature of the eternal soul.

Novels are capsules of thought and reading one is akin to reading the authors mind. Its an intimate experience that ought to breed familiarity. To that end, Ransom would like it if you were to share your thoughts with him: ransom @ ransomstephens dot com.