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Cynthia Crawford ET sculptor

ET Sculptor

Padma Aon

Teacher, Author, Evolutionary Catalyst, Supporter of Souls, Sacred Music Producer, Narrator, Christ Conscious Practitioner

Executive Producter at 710 ESPN Seattle

Dr Allan Botkin discusses Induced After Life communication

Auctor, practitioner of IADC with PTSD

Christopher Speed and omega 3

Director of Omega Wellness

Healer, Sheldon JO

Healer and Teacher

Cindy Smith

Animal Communicator

Dr Nancy Kay

Veterinarian, Writer, Lecturer, Author

Dr Randy W Schekman

Nobel Prize winner, Editor, Doctorate in DNA replication, Professor, Investigator, Multi award winner

Dr. James E. Rothman

Fergus F. Wallace Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Yale, Chairman of Dept. of Cell Biology, Director of Nanobiology Institute, Professor, 2013 Nobel Prize in winner, and multi award winner

Professor Dr Thomas C Südhof

Biochemist, Professor, 2013 Nobel Prize winner, Doctor, Investigator

Professional Basketball Player

Dr. Dario Nardi

Founder and Director of Radiance House, Assistant Adjunct, Lecturer, Fellow at UCLA, Faculty Advisor, Writer, Doctorate in Systems Science

Stefan Vestappen

writer, world traveler, artist, and martial arts expert

1-Liter Hydroplane Driver

Penny Kelly

Author, teacher, speaker, publisher, personal and spiritual consultant, and Naturopathic physician

American Ninja Warrior Competitor

Cynthia Crawford ET sculptor
Craig Polsfuss
Gregory Joseph
Padma Aon
Dr Allan Botkin discusses Induced After Life communication
Christopher Speed and omega 3
Healer, Sheldon JO
Cindy Smith
Dr Nancy Kay
Dr Randy W Schekman
Dr. James E. Rothman
Professor Dr Thomas C Südhof
Dr. Dario Nardi
Stefan Vestappen
Penny Kelly
Cynthia Crawford ET sculptor
Guest Occupation: ET Sculptor
Guest Biography:

Cynthia Crawford was born a twin, but with totally different blood and tissue type than her sister and the rest of her family.

Her father worked on top-secret missions for the OSS; and she remembers being taken to underground military medical facilities for testing and examinations during her childhood, also enduring numerous alien abductions, examinations and impregnations, as well as miraculous healings.

Her life changed dramatically after learning she is a hybrid from a government experiment, and she decided to consciously face the other worldly beings who were abducting her. She was awakened to the mission that brought her to this planet at this very special time in history. Cynthia is known as the “ET Sculptor” of beings she and others have encountered. She says these Star Beings work through her putting their own frequency in the sculptures to help awaken people to their own truths. She also devotes her life to teaching how we are all connected to these beings, and the lessons they have taught her that can change the world for the better.


Guest Category: Paranormal, Self Help, Spiritual, Access Consciousness, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: Author
Guest Biography:

Gwendolyn McNutt has an amazing story of love, perseverance, loss, and faith. Her book "Angels Never Die" tells the story of the loss of their 4 sons to diseases that they could not have known about in advance. This book shows us how love and faith can help overcome the most tragic circumstances and how she became stronger during the hardest of times. This story also teaches us well beyond anything else that understanding the gifts of God and standing on the faith that He will provide the means to overcome the grief and pain of such a tragedy is the only way we have of dealing with life here on earth. Angels Never Die is a testament to the lives of her four sons and a story that will melt your heart and make you realize the important things in life are right there before you.

Guest Category: Literature, Love & Relationships, Philosophy, Religion, Spiritual
Craig Polsfuss
Guest Biography:

Craig contributes to the growth of Higher Brain Living® in a variety of ways. With over three decades of experience, Craig is a Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker (Emeritus), and published Leadership Development Specialist. Previously Craig was a national pioneer, trainer, coach and published author in professional journals in the breakthrough understanding known as the Three Principles (Mind-Consciousness-Thought).

Craig left his 30-year practice to devote full time to bringing Higher Brain Living® to the world. As co-owner of an AWAKEN Higher Brain Living center in the Northeast Arts District of Minneapolis with his oldest son Zach, he has created and grown a dynamic and the largest AWAKEN Center in the nation - currently with 10 outstanding facilitators and 2 support staff. He was instrumental in obtaining approval for the first professional internship in Higher Brain Living® from an accredited graduate school.

Craig conducts media interviews and National Higher Brain Living® Presentations throughout the country. He is the developer of the Professional Continuing Education Initiative to reach out to health and helping professionals with State and nationally approved CE credits. Given his past experience as a leadership development specialist, he also has initiatives reaching out to corporate leaders and to academia.

Guest Category: Philosophy, Psychology, Mental Health, Self Help
Gregory Joseph
Guest Occupation: Healer
Guest Biography:

Gregory Joseph is a Internationally acclaimed intuitive, healer and seminar leader, has traveled around the globe to heal people of seemingly incurable diseases and many disabling physical and mental conditions. He has facilitated healing for international dignitaries physicians, celebrities, and people just like you.  Most people come to Greg who are suffering from pain, and have given up all hope of any resolution.       

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Physics & Metaphysics, Self Help, Spiritual
Padma Aon
Guest Occupation: Teacher, Author, Evolutionary Catalyst, Supporter of Souls, Sacred Music Producer, Narrator, Christ Conscious Practitioner
Guest Biography:

Inspiring, moving, and a breath of fresh air, Padma Aon has been teaching worldwide for the last 15 years, bringing change and timeless wisdom to tens of thousands of souls. Padma is a Lover of God, a potent evolutionary catalyst and supporter of souls, bringing together ancient and modern, esoteric and practical, to help create change fast for those who truly desire it.

His books reveal different aspects of the full potential of the human soul, drawn from the many sacred traditions he has been Initiated into. His previous books include: The Power of Shakti and Womb Wisdom (Inner Traditions), the much loved The Christ Blueprint and The Nine Eyes of Light: Ascension Keys from Egypt (NAB/Random House) and Sacred Wounds, Original Innocence.

As a globally distributed sacred music producer, Padma has performed worldwide, producing two albums for Sub Rosa/BMG: Rhythmic Intelligence, and Song of Light. He has appeared on BBC Radio One, Dreamland Radio, H20 Radio Network, XLR8R, Straight No Chaser, Variety, Spirit and Destiny, Kindred Spirit and Christ Consciousness magazines amongst others. His two latest Albums, Life Cycles and Music for Christ Consciousness, are both available online.

His TV work involved discovering the first ever found mummified Tibetan Lama for ”Mystery of the Tibetan Mummy”, Discovery Channel 2001, and narrating Peabody Award Winner Stephen Olssen’s Cannes and SunDance Festival Documentary “Sounds of the Soul” about the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, History, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Self Help, Spiritual, Access Consciousness
Guest Occupation: Executive Producter at 710 ESPN Seattle
Guest Biography:

Jessamyn McIntyre is the Executive Producer at 710 ESPN Seattle.  She currently produces for Bob & Groz from 12-3pm.  Jessamyn can also be heard as the radio Sideline Reporter for Washington State Football broadcasts.  Follow Jessamyn on Twitter @JessamynESPN

Guest Category: Sports & Recreation, Professional, High School, College
Dr Allan Botkin discusses Induced After Life communication
Guest Occupation: Auctor, practitioner of IADC with PTSD
Guest Biography:

Allan L. Botkin earned his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree from Baylor University in 1983 and then worked for the next 20 years at a Chicago area VA hospital specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He has treated combat veterans from WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and Desert Storm. Dr. Botkin and his colleagues were among the first in the country to regularly use a new and very powerful psychological procedure called eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR

In 1995 Dr. Botkin discovered (by accident) that a variation of EMDR reliably induced after-death communications (ADCs) in his patients. ADCs are experiences that nearly all people believe are authentic communications with deceased people. While Dr. Botkin has remained neutral with regard to the spiritual authenticity of his patients’ ADCs, he has maintained that the healing associated with these experiences goes well beyond what has even been considered possible in the fields of grief and trauma therapy. Dr. Botkin calls his new procedure induced after-death communication (IADC).

After leaving the VA in 2003 and founding The Center for Grief and Traumatic Loss, LLC in Libertyville, IL, Dr. Botkin and his IADC trained colleagues all over the world have induced many thousands of ADCs. His book is Induced After Death Communication: A Miraculous Therapy for Grief and Loss. Dr. Botkin has also published scientific papers on PTSD, EMDR, IADC and brain function.

Dr. Botkin’s websites are www.induced-adc.com and www.healingafterthewar.org

Guest Category: Medicine, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual
Christopher Speed and omega 3
Guest Occupation: Director of Omega Wellness
Guest Biography:

Christopher Speed, MND, APO, is a tristate area based clinical nitritionist, sietitian, health expert and Director of Omega Wellness.

Chris was the Food and Nutrition Strategist for Oldways Preservation and Exchange, where he helped increase awareness of the healthfulness of a number of traditional eating patterns which ranged from Asian to Mediterranean diets. His particular interests lay in the dietary fat intake of these diets, especially the role of seafood and omega-3 fats as well as omega-6′s.

He was the first Global Director of Food and Nutrition Sciences at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, where he provided counsel to many food brands, raw ingredient manufacturers and prepared food/quick service restaurants so that they may best navigate the ever changing nutrition landscape.

Chris founded the North American chapter of Minami Nutrition USA, where he launched a unique supercritical CO2 extracted omega-3 supplement line into key retail accounts in North America and Europe, leading to its recent acquisition by Atrium Innovation. He is a much sought after presenter on all health issues related to omega-3 supplementation, designer made supplements that take into account up-to-date nutritional science and chronic disease needs, especially as it helps consumers balance their current excess intake of omega-6′s. He is a Master of Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney, continues his academic work as an Associate Editor of the European Journal of Cancer Prevention and is an adjunct Lecturer at New York University Nutrition School.

Chris sits on the Expert Panel at Mission Ready to help consumers realize the full extent to which omega-3′s can support health and wellness, to elevate the health credentials of the supplement industry and promote greater dialogue around the health crisis that lies within diets that are deficient in omega-3′s and excess omega-6′s.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Self Help
Healer, Sheldon JO
Guest Occupation: Healer and Teacher
Guest Biography:

Ordinary Miracles Series: Today we spotlight quite miracle workers doing extraordinary things.

Our Guest: Sheldon Jo

In this broadcast our special guest Sheldon Jo will talk about energy healing and his spiritual transformation though A Course In Miracles.

Sheldon Jo is a healer, and a student of A Course In Miracles. Through Prayer and meditation he discovered that his ‘touch’ has the power to assist with miraculous healings. Sheldon offers workshops as a step in sharing this gift with more people. He is currently on the Board of Director’s for the non-profit organization - Arts Unity Movement. http://artsunitymovement.com/

Guest Category: Energy Healing, Spiritual
Cindy Smith
Guest Occupation: Animal Communicator
Guest Biography:

Cindy Smith, Animal Communicator
Deepening the connections between people and animals.

I facilitate communication between people and the animals in their lives. The easiest way to think of it is to imagine you are speaking one language and your animal is speaking another. I act as a translator between the two of you. My goal is to deepen the connection through mutual respect, compassion and communication.

Communication seems to be one of the major themes of my life. I have a Masters in Education from the University of Northern Colorado. I’ve been a counselor in the mental health field and a teacher in the high school setting.

I worked with developmentally disabled adults for 14 years, many of whom had limited communication skills. They helped me develop my empathetic and telepathic skills as we worked together to communicate. I also worked as a high school teacher for years and found teens to be another misunderstood group. They taught me to listen deeply and not make assumptions based solely on behavior. They showed me great strength and heart in the face of difficult histories, as do many of the animals I meet. Often I find problems between animals and people to be simple misunderstandings.

I draw on these experiences, combined with 35 years of meditation practice in my work with animals. Recently, I’ve begun using sports performance training with people who team with their animals in competitive events. The combination of communication with your animal, and mentally preparing for the event yourself, can often improve performance for both of you!

Since communication is telepathic I don’t need to be in the presence of the animal or person. I work by phone or email with people all over the world.

Guest Category: Plant & Animals, Education, Pets and Animals, Philosophy, Self Help, Spiritual, Animal & Plant Communications
Dr Nancy Kay
Guest Occupation: Veterinarian, Writer, Lecturer, Author
Guest Biography:

Dr. Nancy Kay wanted to become a veterinarian for just about as long as she can remember. Her veterinary degree is from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, and she completed her residency training in small animal internal medicine at the University of California-Davis Veterinary School.

Dr. Kay is a board certified specialist in the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and published in several professional journals and textbooks. She lectures professionally to regional and national audiences, and one of her favorite lecture topics is communication between veterinarians and their clients. Since the release of her book, Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life, Dr. Kay has lectured extensively and written numerous magazine articles on the topic of medical advocacy and veterinarian/client communication. She was a featured guest on the popular National Public Radio show, Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Dr. Kay's newest book is called, Your Dog's Best Health: A Dozen Reasonable Things to Expect From Your Vet.  Her award winning blog, "Spot Speaks" is posted weekly (www.speakingforspot.com/blog).  

Dr. Kay was selected by the American Animal Hospital Association to receive the 2009 Hill’s Animal Welfare and Humane Ethics Award. This award is given annually to a veterinarian or nonveterinarian who has advanced animal welfare through extraordinary service or by furthering humane principles, education, and understanding. Dr. Kay was selected as the 2011 Leo K. Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year, an award presented every year by the American Veterinary Medical Association to a veterinarian whose work exemplifies and promotes the human animal bond. Dr. Kay has received several awards from the Dog Writer’s Association of America.

Dr. Kay's personal life revolves around her husband (also a veterinarian), her three children (none of whom aspire to be veterinarians) and their menagerie of four-legged family members. When she's not writing, she spends her spare moments in the garden or riding atop her favorite horse. Dr. Kay and her husband reside in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Plant & Animals, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Pets and Animals
Dr Randy W Schekman
Guest Occupation: Nobel Prize winner, Editor, Doctorate in DNA replication, Professor, Investigator, Multi award winner
Guest Biography:

Biography from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Schekman

Randy Wayne Schekman (born December 30, 1948) is a Nobel Prize-winning American cell biologist at the University of California, Berkeley,[6] and former editor-in-chief of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.[2][7][8] In 2011, he was announced as the editor of eLife, a new high-profile open-access journal published by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Max Planck Society and the Wellcome Trust launching in 2012.[9] He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1992.[10] Schekman shared the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine with James Rothman and Thomas C. Südhof for their ground-breaking work on cell membrane vesicle trafficking.[5][11]

Schekman was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to Alfred Schekman, an electrical engineer and inventor.[12] He graduated from Western High School in Anaheim, California, in 1966.[13] He received a BA in Molecular Sciences from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), in 1971. He spent his third year at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, as an exchange student.[14][2] He received a PhD in 1975 from Stanford University for research on DNA replication working with Arthur Kornberg.[15] He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1984 and Professor in 1994.

Since 1991, Schekman has been a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator,[16] Division of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, at the University of California, Berkeley. The Schekman Lab at that university carries out research into molecular descriptions of the process of membrane assembly and vesicular traffic[17] in eukaryotic cells[18][19] including yeast.[20] Before that, he was a faculty member with the now disbanded Department of Biochemistry at the same university.

In 2002, Schekman received the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research[21] and Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize of Columbia University along with James Rothman for their discovery of cellular membrane trafficking, a process that cells use to organize their activities and communicate with their environment.[22] He was awarded the Massry Prize from the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, in 2010. Schekman is also a member of the Selection Committee for Life Science and Medicine which chooses winners of the Shaw Prize.

In 2013, he was elected a Foreign Member of the Royal Society. His nomination read:

Using a brilliantly conceived genetic screen, Schekman isolated sec mutants that accumulate secretory pathway intermediates, he cloned the corresponding genes and he established biochemical reactions that faithfully reproduced specific secretory pathway events. These studies transformed the secretion field, previously descriptive and morphological, into a molecular and mechanistic one. The cell-free reactions that Schekman established led to his isolation of the Sec61 translocation complex, the (COPII) vesicle coat complex, and the first purified inter-organelle transport vesicles. The Sec proteins are strikingly conserved and the trafficking mechanisms that Schekman discovered are at the heart of neurotransmission, hormone secretion, cholesterol homeostasis and metabolic regulation.[4]

Schekman, Thomas C. Südhof, and James Rothman were awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine "for their discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells".[5] Schekman "has already said he will donate his share of the prize money, $400,000, to create an endowment for the Esther and Wendy Schekman Chair in Basic Cancer Biology at UC Berkeley. Schekman’s mother and sister, for whom the post is named, both died of cancer." [23]

In December 2013, Schekman called for academic journal publishing reform and open access science publication by announcing that his lab at the University of California, Berkeley would no longer submit to the prestigious closed-access journals Nature, Cell and Science, citing their self-serving and deleterious effects on science.[24] He has criticized these journals for artificially restricting the number of publications accepted to drive up demand.[24] In addition, Schekman says the journals accept papers that will be cited often, increasing the prestige of the journal, rather than those which demonstrate important results.[24] Schekman has said the prestige and difficulty of publishing in these journals sometimes cause scientists to cut corners or pursue trends, rather than conduct research on important questions. Schekman is the current editor of eLife, an open access journal and competitor to Nature, Cell, and Science.[24] Papers are accepted into eLife based on review by working scientists.[24] Access to accepted papers is free.[24]

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Biology & Chemistry, Technology
Dr. James E. Rothman
Guest Occupation: Fergus F. Wallace Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Yale, Chairman of Dept. of Cell Biology, Director of Nanobiology Institute, Professor, 2013 Nobel Prize in winner, and multi award winner
Guest Biography:

Biography from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Rothman

James Edward Rothman (born November 3, 1950) is the Fergus F. Wallace Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Yale University, the Chairman of the Department of Cell Biology at Yale School of Medicine, and the Director of the Nanobiology Institute at the Yale West Campus. Rothman is also concurrently serving as adjunct professor of physiology and cellular biophysics at Columbia University. and a research professor at the Institute of Neurology, University College, London.Rothman was awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, for his work on vesicle trafficking (shared with Randy Schekman and Thomas C. Südhof). He has also received many other honors, including the King Faisal International Prize in 1996, the Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize from Columbia University and the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research both in 2002.

Biography from: http://medicine.yale.edu/lab/rothman/people//james_rothman-2.profile?source=news

Professor James Rothman, the Wallace Professor of the Biomedical Sciences at Yale University, is one of the world's most distinguished biochemists and cell biologists. He is Chairman of the Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Cell Biology and is the Director and founder of the Nanobiology Institute on Yale’s new West Campus. Rothman graduated from Yale College (1971) where he studied physics. He received his Ph.D. degree in biological chemistry from Harvard (1976) and was a student at Harvard Medical School from 1971 to 1973. From 1976 to 1978, he completed a fellowship in the Department of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From 1978 to 1988, he was a professor in the Department of Biochemistry at Stanford University. Dr. Rothman was the E.R. Squibb Professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University (1988-1991). He founded and chaired the Department of Cellular Biochemistry and Biophysics at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (1991-2004), where he held the Paul A. Marks Chair and served as Vice-Chairman of Sloan-Kettering. Prior to coming to Yale in 2008, Dr. Rothman was the Wu Professor of Chemical Biology in the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, and Director of Columbia University’s Sulzberger Genome Center.

Professor Rothman discovered key molecular machinery responsible for transfer of materials among compartments within cells, providing the conceptual framework for understanding such diverse and important processes as the release of insulin into the blood, communication between nerve cells in the brain, and the entry of viruses to infect cells. Numerous kinds of tiny membrane-enveloped vesicles ferry packets of enclosed cargo. Each type of vesicle must deliver its specialized cargo to the correct destination among the maze of distinct compartments that populate the cytoplasm of a complex animal cell. The delivery process, termed membrane fusion, is fundamental for physiology and medicine, as pathology in this process can cause metabolic, neuropsychiatric and other diseases. Rothman reconstituted vesicle budding and fusion in a cell-free system (1984) and discovered the complex of SNARE proteins (1993) which mediates membrane fusion and affords it specificity. He also uncovered the GTPase-switch mechanism which controls coated vesicle budding in the cell (1991).

Rothman has also contributed to other fields. Together with Gero Miesenbock, he showed how patterns of synaptic activity in neural networks could be recorded optically using encoded synapto-pHlourins (1998). He discovered that hsp70’s are ATPases (1986) and peptide binding proteins (1989), thereby revealing how these molecular chaperones cycle on and off proteins to control their folding/unfolding. On theoretical grounds, he proposed (1981) that the role of the Golgi is to iteratively purify proteins, using its cisternae like plates in a distillation tower, an idea now implicit in all models of Golgi dynamics; and he provided the first evidence of sequential processing and vectorial transport across the stack (1981-1985). Rothman’s current research concerns the biophysics of membrane fusion and its regulation in exocytosis; the dynamics of the Golgi apparatus at super-resolution; and the use of bio-inspired design in nanotechnology.

Dr. Rothman has received numerous awards and honors in recognition of his work on vesicle trafficking and membrane fusion, including the King Faisal International Prize for Science (1996), the Gairdner Foundation International Award (1996), the Lounsbery Award of the National Academy of Sciences (1997), the Heineken Foundation Prize of the Netherlands Academy of Sciences (2000), the Louisa Gross Horwitz prize of Columbia University (2002), the Lasker Basic Science Award (2002), the Kavli Prize in Neuroscience (2010), the Massry Prize (2010) and the EB. Wilson Medal (2010). He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences (1993) and its Institute of Medicine (1995), and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1994).

October 7, 2011



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Professor Dr Thomas C Südhof
Guest Occupation: Biochemist, Professor, 2013 Nobel Prize winner, Doctor, Investigator
Guest Biography:

Biography from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_C._S%C3%BCdhof

Thomas Christian Südhof (born December 22, 1955) is a German-American biochemist well known for his study of synaptic transmission. Currently, he is a professor in the School of Medicine in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, and by courtesy in Neurology, and in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.

He is the co-awardee of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (with James Rothman and Randy Schekman) for work on vesicle trafficking.

A German native, Südhof was born in Göttingen in 1955. He spent his childhood in Göttingen and Hannover, and was a graduate from the Hannover Waldorf School in 1975. Südhof studied medicine at the RWTH Aachen University, Harvard University, and then the University of Göttingen where, in 1982, he obtained his M.D. The same year, Südhof finished work on his doctoral thesis, in which he described the structure and function of chromaffin cells, at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in the lab of Victor P. Whittaker. After a brief postdoctoral fellowship in Whittaker’s lab, Südhof moved to the United States in 1983, where he began postdoctoral training in the department of molecular genetics at the University of Texas Health Science Center (now the UT Southwestern Medical Center) in Dallas, Texas, under the supervision of Michael Stuart Brown and Joseph L. Goldstein.

During his postdoctoral fellowship, Südhof worked to describe the role of the LDL receptor in cholesterol metabolism, for which Brown and Goldstein were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1985. Südhof finished his postdoctoral training in 1986 and was made an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He was also given his own laboratory at UT Southwestern Medical Center where he focused on the Presynaptic Neuron for over 20 years.

In 2008, Südhof moved to Stanford University and is currently the Avram Goldstein Professor in the School of Medicine as well as a Professor of Molecular & Cellular Physiology, Psychiatry, and Neurology.

He ascribed his powers of analysis and concentration to boyhood lessons with his bassoon teacher, Herbert Tauscher.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Science, Biology & Chemistry, Technology
Guest Occupation: Professional Basketball Player
Guest Biography:

Brandon Hogg played 4 years of college basketball at Southern Indiana University.  Hogg was named an honorable mention All-American by the Division II Bulletin.  Hogg earned NABC first-team All-Midwest District, Daktronics second-team All-Midwest Region, first-team All-GLVC & Academic All-GLVC honors as a Senior in the 2011-2012 season.  After college Hogg signed to play professional basketball in Germany with the Noerdlingen Giants.  Hogg led the Giants in scoring with an average of 19.6ppg.  For the 2013-14 season, Hogg changed German teams and signed with the Schwelmer Baskets.  In the playoffs with the Baskets, Hogg averaged 16 points, 4.1 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 2.6 steals per game.  Hogg is coming off a good showing in the Global Basketball Summer League in Las Vegas, NV.   

Guest Category: Sports & Recreation, Professional, High School, College
Dr. Dario Nardi
Guest Occupation: Founder and Director of Radiance House, Assistant Adjunct, Lecturer, Fellow at UCLA, Faculty Advisor, Writer, Doctorate in Systems Science
Guest Biography:

Can everyone find and be in their zone, like athletes and musicians?  Can your emotions be keeping you from achieving that zone in your life?  How can your emotions help you?  What can the brain tell us about who you are and what you are likely to do or not do, achieve or not achive?  Professor Dario Nardi has spent decades exploring these questions and so many more, and come up with answers that he shares in his books, classrooms and lectures.  Learn the secrets behind your brain you never knew existed and find your zone!

Dario Nardi – Bio

Radiance House
Dario is founder and director of Radiance House (www.RadianceHouse.com), a media and books publishing company, from 2007 to the present. Radiance House publishes high-quality workbooks, books, foldouts, reference cards, software and related materials in three subject areas: personality/organizational psychology, systems thinking, and fantasy gaming. Many book titles appear at www.Amazon.com or in affiliate online stores.
Clients span the globe and include brand name and governmental organizations that leverage the benefits of personality for understanding, teamwork, and leadership.

University Teaching
From 1998 – 2012, Dario taught as an assistant adjunct, lecturer or fellow at University of California (Los Angeles) in four programs including Program in Computing, Anthropology, Honors Collegium, and Human Complex Systems (www.hcs.ucla.edu).
Courses taught include: Intro. to Programming, Intro. to Programming for the Internet, Intro. to Computing for Social Science & Humanities, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling and Simulation of Social Systems, Modeling and Simulation Laboratory, and Artificial Culture Laboratory. He also acted as the Human Complex Systems faculty advisor and taught numerous independent study courses covering topics such as cognitive processes, neuroscience of personality, and game design. He wrote Modeling and Simulation in the Social Sciences. Moreover, after supervising over 1500 research projects, he edited a collection of best projects in Readings in Formal Modeling and Simulation in the Social Sciences. For details, see: www.radiancehouse.com/systems.htm
Dario supervised two instances of the Lake Arrowhead Annual Conference on Multi-Agent Modeling in the Social Sciences. He also wrote experiment-based software for fellow instructors on such topics as prospect theory and meme diffusion through friendship networks.
While at UCLA, Dario won three awards: the 2005 Copenhaver Award for Innovative Use of Technology in the Classroom, the Outstanding Professor Award, granted in 2007 by UCLA’s Mortor Board Honor Society, and the 2011 annual Distinguished Teaching award. Find more award information here www.oid.ucla.edu/faculty/teachingawards/nighthonor/2011-2012 and here http://old.oid.ucla.edu/edtech/bpcaward/bpc05recips.
As a popular instructor, Dario often used non-traditional techniques including outdoor live-group simulation activities, robot-human stage plays, and software-based audio-visual experimentation to teach New Science concepts such as emergence, attractors, nonlinear feedback, multi-agency, and living systems theory. He is a fan of tools such as Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and Multi-agent Models as ways to better understand complex phenomena.

Personality Theory
Dario gained Myers-Briggs certification in 1994 under the instruction of Dr. Linda Berens (www.LindaBerens.com) and has been intimately involved in product development and research of personality-based tools ever since.
He is the author or coauthor of numerous books on personality including Neuroscience of Personality, 8 Keys to Self-Leadership, Multiple Intelligences and Personality Type, Character and Personality Type, An Introduction to the Personality Type Code, Quick Guide to 16 Personality Types in Organizations, and 16 Personality Types: Descriptions for Self-Discovery. These titles appear on Amazon and at www.RadianceHouse.com/psych.htm.  Moreover, he created the Interstrength Cognitive Assessment (www.Keys2Cognition.com), which profiles a person’s use of the 8 Jungian mental functions, and the NeuroPQ (www.NeuroPQ.com), which profiles a person’s use of various cognitive skills by brain region.
Dario has also authored self-help software tools including “Personality Types” and “Love Therapy” for the Apple iPhone / iPad. For details, visit www.PersonalityApps.com and www.LoveTherapyApps.com.
In 2009, Dario acted as the conference chair for the International Association of Psychological Type’s (www.aptinternational.org) biennial conference in Dallas, Texas. He regularly acts as a keynote speaker and webinar and workshop presenter for regional, national and international organizations such as Google Inc., Providence Tarzana Medical Center, CPP-Asia Pacific, Attentional Ltd, and Danish Center for Leadership, among others.
Dario takes a systems approach to personality. This includes the use of multiple complementary models to triangulate a person’s best-fit personality type. By “type”, he means a sustainable pattern of activity, or in mathematical terms, a strange attractor within a living dynamic system (after all, persons as implemented as dynamic systems, not as statistical ones).

Neuroscience Research
Since 2007, Dario has conducted intensive and varied hands-on neuroscience research using EEG technology. He focuses on practical application of the brain research and personality to coaching, counseling, educating, leading, and such. For a free 90-minute video for Google in 2011, please visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGfhQTbcqmA.
For an in-depth report of his ongoing research, please see “Neuroscience of Personality: Brain-Savvy Insights for All Types of People” found at http://www.radiancehouse.com/itemLG_500.htm or on Amazon.
Interested persons can learn about workshops and webinars at: www.radiancehouse.com/workshops.htm or watch this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOo4oVr46hs.
Dario’s research focuses on links between cognitive skills, emotional dynamics, personality characteristics, and behavior as expressed through local and global patterns of activity in the neocortex. In his research, he asks subjects to try a wide variety of tasks–from math and music to story-telling and speed-dating, over the course of 2-3 hours. During this time, subjects tend to display recurrent patterns in frequency and amplitude for use of particular neocortical regions as well as across the whole neocortex. Among the most interesting patterns is a “flow state” that occurs when a person engages in creative expertise or a pallet of other activities distinctly related to personality characteristics.
Dario’s system and methodology for neuroscience of personality is covered a pending patent. In addition to presenting ongoing results, he focusing on likely implications for skill development, coaching, communication, leadership, problem solving, education, and other application areas. As part of this, certified professions may use pencil-paper and free online self-assessment tools such as the NeuroPQ at www.NeuroPQ.com.
Recently, Dario is developing use of EEG with small TV and film audiences, gamers, students, and work groups to objectively evaluate and improve the effectiveness of particular media, material, and processes, such as the likely reception of a pilot TV show.

Educational Background
Dario conducted his doctorate in Systems Science (1995-1998) from the State University of New York (www.binghamton.edu/ssie/) and his bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering (1988-1992) from the University of Southern California (http://ame-www.usc.edu/), where he enjoyed USC’s Academic Scholarship for Excellence, a full-tuition undergraduate scholarship.
His educational background also includes East Asian languages and cultures and creative writing. Dario began studying Japanese as a high school freshman in 1984. In 1987, he acted as the student representative to greet the then-Crown Prince (now Emperor) of Japan in his trip to Washington D.C. Later, in 1989-1990, Dario attended Waseda University in Tokyo for his college sophomore year where he took courses in both English and Japanese.
As part of his dissertation work, Dario created SOCIALBOT, an animated interactive character that uses everyday English to share socially-relevant information. The informing approach to design was “social situated action” where intelligence involves coordination between agents. Socialbot is detailed here www.Socialbot.com and here www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfwa-ScdizI.

Dario has been involved in tabletop role-playing games since 1982. He is author 4 well-received hardcover game books including: Secrets of Pact Magic and Villains of Pact Magic the popular d20 system as well as Radiance Players Guide and Radiance Masters Guide, a standard-alone game for adventures “in Tesla’s gilded age of electrotech”. Finally, he is coauthor of Pact Magic Unbound Vol. 1 for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Paizo Publishing. See www.RadianceRpg.com, www.Facebook.com/RadianceRPG, www.PactMagic.com, and http://paizo.com/products/btpy8tyw for details.
Burning Man: Dario is a huge fan of this annual festival held in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. He has attended every year since 2007. For more information: www.BurningMan.com and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_Man.
For relaxation, Dario enjoys the beach, hiking and surfing as well as speculative films and other media.

Formative Years
Dario was born on Jan 3, 1970 in Los Angeles, where he lived until age 5. He also lived in Ojai, California. At age 5 he moved to Acra Beach in Barbados, the southern-most island in the Caribbean. From 11 to 18 he lived in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C., and graduated Walt Whitman High School with honors and an all-expense paid trip to Japan in the summer of 1988, sponsored by the Japan-America Society via their Japan-American Society Summer Fellowship in Japan, in the spirit of promoting peace and cross-cultural understanding.

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Stefan Vestappen
Guest Occupation: writer, world traveler, artist, and martial arts expert
Guest Biography:

Stefan H. Verstappen (born 1957, Toronto, Canada) has lived and traveled throughout China and East Asia. While in Asia he studied oriental art, culture, and Kung Fu. Verstappen is a master of the Lohan School of martial arts and one of the few westerners to have lived and studied Kung Fu in China.

When Stefan was researching history for his first book, ‘The Thirty Six Strategies of Ancient China’, he began to see a similar pattern common to history’s leaders, a pattern of ruthless self-interest that resulted in the deaths of countless billions of people and the destruction of dozens of civilizations.

Stefan’s recent Global Research TV interview with James Corbett HERE (YouTube) is an excellent overview of this subject of power elite psychopaths who are ethical infants – no social conscience.

Is the reason that there is so much sorrow and suffering in the world due to natural causes, or is it because a small percentage of the population with a peculiar mental illness have taken control of society?

For a good understanding of this emotion-charged subject, view Stefan’s full documentary: ‘Defense Against the Psychopath'.   Based on the first chapter of Stefan’s book, ‘The Art of Urban Survival’, this instructional video has gone viral, explaining the types, characteristics, and modus operandi of the most ruthless predators on the planet.

A surge of social conscience in our new global social media has made this subject extremely timely – and urgent -- as is obvious in this new article: ‘Beyond the Insanity of MidEast War’.

Welcome Stefan Vestappen to Cosmic Love with Your Presence:)  

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Guest Occupation: 1-Liter Hydroplane Driver
Guest Biography:

Josh Culver enters his 4th year piloting the Y-19 Culver Racing 1-Liter Modified Hydroplane.  Culver, a Pasco, WA native, has been around hydroplane racing his entire life.  Josh is set to race this weekend at his home course in Kennewick, WA at the 2014 Columbia Cup on the Columbia River.  In 2011 Culver was the APBA West Coast Rookie Of The Year, & the 2011 SIRA Rookie Of The Year.

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Penny Kelly
Guest Occupation: Author, teacher, speaker, publisher, personal and spiritual consultant, and Naturopathic physician
Guest Biography:

Penny Kelly is an author, teacher, speaker, publisher, personal and spiritual consultant, and Naturopathic physician. In 1979, while working as a tool and process engineer for Chrysler Corp, she experienced a full, spontaneous awakening of kundalini that completely changed her life. She left Chrysler and returned to school to study the brain, consciousness, perception, cognition, intelligence and intuition. This was followed by over a dozen years of work as an educational consultant specializing in the brain-compatible and accelerative teaching techniques of Dr. George Lozanov. 

In 1987, she moved to southwest Michigan and for 25 years has operated Lily Hill Farm and Learning Center. Today she travels, lectures, and teaches a variety of classes and workshops including Developing the Gift of IntuitionOrganic Gardening, and Getting Well Again Naturally. She maintains a large consulting practice,writes books and poetry, raises chickens, beef cows, and grows organic vegetables and small fruits.

For some years she has been involved in scientific research and investigations into consciousness at Pinelandia Laboratory near Ann Arbor, MI and has been the subject of some research as well.

She holds a degree in Humanistic Studies from Wayne State University, and a degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Clayton College of Natural Health. Penny is the mother of four children and has written six books.

The Evolving Human - A True Story of Awakening Kundalini

The Elves of Lily Hill Farm – A Partnership With Nature

Robes - A Book of Coming Changes

Getting Well Again, Naturally – From the Soil to the Stomach

Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 1 – Multi-dimensionality and a Theory of Consciousness, and

Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 2 – New Worlds of Energy

Penny lives, works, and writes in Lawton, MI, the far southwest corner of Michigan.

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Guest Occupation: American Ninja Warrior Competitor
Guest Biography:

James McGrath is an American, who has competed five times in the American Ninja Warrior tournaments. In his first attempt, on American Ninja Warrior 2, his run ended early, when he failed on the Quad Steps.

On American Ninja Warrior 3, he was a walk on competitor from Seattle, WA who slept in a van to be a walk-on. In that competition he placed 29th in the Qualifying Round and 13th in the Semis. He did very well in Boot Camp and that earned him a spot in SASUKE 27. In the tournament, he was able to blitz through the first two stages with little trouble, completing Stage 1 in with 22.24 seconds to spare and had SASUKE 27's fastest Stage 2 time with 18.84 seconds left on the clock. However, he ultimately failed on the Ultimate Cliffhanger after failing the transition to the small fifth ledge.

He also competed on American Ninja Warrior 4 and was one of the favorites to earn total victory. He had the 2nd fastest time in the Northwest Regional Qualifiers, and the fastest time in the Northwest Regional Finals, giving him a late run in the Las Vegas Finals. He easily beat Stage 1 with just under 19 seconds to spare, making him of the 24 finalists to advance to Stage 2. However, his downfall came at Stage 2, where he suprisingly failed on the Slider Drop by making the bad choice of jumping before the drop, shifting his weight to one side and not landing the left side.

In American Ninja Warrior 5, McGrath completed the Venice Beach Finalists with the fastest time and he cleared the First Stage in the Las Vegas finals with 38.47 seconds left. In the second stage, he blazed through all the obstacles and finished with the second fastest time on the stage with 35.66 seconds left on the clock. On the third stage, however, he wasn't able to hang on while transitioning to the second board on the Floating Boards and failed.

In American Ninja Warrior: USA VS Japan, James was apart of team America. In the first stage, he went up against Yamamoto Shingo, and he beat him when he couldn't make it up the Soritatsu Kabe. Then, in the second stage, he went up against Asa Kazuma, he beat him as well, as he failed the Double Salmon Ladder and James did a victory lap on the stage. In the third stage, James went up against Urushihara Yuuji, where he went out on the Floating Boards again, but Yuuji also went on the same obstacle and James won the match barely by beating him to the second board by a few seconds. He was the only competitor to attempt all three stages.

So far, in American Ninja Warrior 6, he has completed the qualifying round in the second-fastest time. In the Venice Finals, he failed the Body Prop but still finished in the Top 15, qualifying him for the Las Vegas Finals.

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