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Freedom's Flame Radio with Eve Care


Freedom's Flame Radio


Eve Care


What a great show! I can't wait to hear more. I love Freedom Flame Radio
~ S.N., in Mt. Shasta, CA


Great show Eve! I LOVED the part about the small manifestations. It is so true that we overlook so many of them, it would be nice to take the time and meditate and ask what we have missed. I know I don't do it on purpose, but we do get focused on the 'bigger' stuff. ~D.C., WA


Again I thought your show today was very powerful - I was struck deeply about your story regarding the "ice cream truck" - I don't know why, but it brought tears of joy to my eyes! I had this flood of feeling that what you are presenting to all of us listening is very very real - and its our choice of heart to listen deeply and communicate with these beings too - and they are there for ALL of us who want to have a relationship with them. I hope that woke a lot of people up because I definitely felt something shift in my self - I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you are being guided to do.

And, I really like the washing machine analogy of cleaning your energy! ~C.S., CA


"Eve and Anthony, Great show this Sunday! You are both so complementary to each other - and great music Anthony as always!" ~C.S., CA


"You warm my heart with your success and doing what you love to do!!!" ~D.C., WA


"I have listened to all your shows these last few weeks and I like them all very much. They are perfect! I especially like how you and Anthony work together in your back and forth conversations, interweaving your individual understandings and various teachings throughout your show. He has a great singing voice and I would like to hear more of his music!

I also enjoy your "showcasing" the various Masters that are important to you both.

I commend you, Eve, and I look forward to all your shows."
~R.N.F., CA


"Blessings your way Eve! Thank you for bringing your bright light and wisdom out into the world in such a way!" ~K.S.A, CA


"Incredible show Eve!!! I do want to listen to that again when its put on the archive - there was so much richness there - I also liked the revelation at the end - "that sticky, personal feeling" - and how you explained it . . . so clear and beautiful . . . thank you for what you bring all of us Eve." ~C.S., CA


"The shows are wonderful. Bless your heart. I'm so happy you have found this platform. Life is great! :) ~D.C., WA


"Today's show was the strongest show I have EVER heard from you - obviously you are being guided - thank you to St. Germaine...and thank you SO MUCH for sharing your amazing experience about the file drawer . . . that was strong stuff." ~C.S., CA


"What you said about the "Sincere heart" - - so true to my own heart - and so true in my own experience - such a strong message." ~C.S., CA


"Just a note of thanks for your sharing. I love the uninterrupted harmony pointer and actually found myself bumping it up to "indestructible harmony." ~K.S.A., CA


"Loving the shows Eve. Thank you and bless your heart". ~D.C., WA


"Great show this week Eve and Anthony - I really enjoyed the Course In Miracles talk, Anthony, it was very interesting!" ~C.S., CA

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Freedom's Flame Radio
with Eve Care
~*~The Evenity Frequency~*~


----- Contact Eve Care -----
Website: http://www.evenity.webstarts.com
Email: enchantedsky144@gmail.com

Eve Care, host of Freedom's Flame Radio Freedom's Flame Radio

Show Topic: Freedom's Flame Radio is intended to inspire anyone and everyone to be moved from a place of human limitation to True Freedom by learning about the I AM Presence and how to direct your attention to that Presence. Once you understand this, and apply the Laws of Energy to your Life using the I AM Presence Instruction long enough for the Kingdom of God to be lowered around you, it will set your being and world free and Liberate every part of your Life! The following are areas we will discuss on the show through various venues of Ascended Master Showcases and Special Guest Co-Host Collaborations:

The Law of Energy;

Understanding what is real and what is unreal;

Using the understandings  the Ascended Realms of Light have given to us;

How to stay anchored in Peace and take control back over your own energy fields;

How to stay balanced using application tools that get you free from discord as quickly as possible;

How to transmute energy using the violet flame, the law of forgiveness and advanced techniques in Ho'oponopono;

How to bring the true reality of your Divine Plan in so you can start working from your authentic self rather than from a mental standpoint of where you ‘think’ you should be or what you should be doing to what is actually authentic for you to be doing;

How to let go of old beliefs and dogmas on the spot using conscious shifting;

Learning about what works and what doesn't and why! And so much more!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a show for everyone who has a genuine desire to set themselves free of all that no longer serves them, this means having a willingness to learn what those things are, and to do the necessary work for themselves to achieve freedom, this also means accepting the opportunity for others to assist in their shift to higher levels of consciousness and being. I AM available for this here and if you wish you can obtain assistance from me, this means you need to be willing to show up and LOOK at what is not serving you, even if it may be challenging for you. Change and healing is inevitable, and there is no time like the PRESENT to fulfill your Divine Plan and Win Your Victory!

Brief Bio: I've been "awake" since birth, and I AM a natural empath. I've been working consciously with the angels and other cosmic beings since 1999, and in the past few years I’ve accelerated my Path of Light with the Ascended Masters. Beloved Saint Germain, "G" as I call Him, is my Primary Sponsor and Teacher in this Lifetime, and in previous embodiments together He has taught me about the Laws of Energy and continues to assist me now in Mastering Energy and working with other Divine Qualities on the Rays of Light.

I AM a Messenger of Light, Living my Mastery, and working directly with the Great Ascended Host and all the Realms of Light. I have no affiliation with any Ascended Master Activity or Organization, nor do I belong to any spiritual or religious organization.

I AM on my own Path of Life, receiving DIRECT instruction from the Ascended Realms of Light, sometimes referred to as the Great Ascended Host, and Beloved Ascended Masters Saint Germain, El Morya, Kuthumi, Jesus, Lady Portia, Kuan Yin, Pallas Athena, Mighty Elohim Cyclopea (and all of the Beloved Mighty Elohim), Archangel Michael, Cosmic Beings El and Ella, Lord Maitreya, and many other Masters Whom are too many to list here.

I AM an all-encompassing being, who is warm, open, sensitive, friendly and welcoming with all of my being. I do my best to work with everyone on an equal-Light-level, which means it is my honor to serve YOUR LIGHT, equally as much as I do my own! This is also the path of integrity, where we each show up for ourselves and for each other, but we can do so for each other because we do it for ourselves first.

Please feel free to visit my websites:

Freedom’s Flame Radio Blog Site: To Leave Feedback, Ask Questions, Post Requests For Show Topics, Links to Archives, Guest Showcases and Weekly Show Content

Whole One Wisdom Blog Site: Contains My Published Articles

Evenity: My Online Presence and My Services

My Desire: To see everyone free, peaceful and loving towards themselves and to each other ~ to co-create a beautiful world together from the true authentic place of Love in each owns heart ~ to master these energies here so we can each fulfill our Divine Plans together and help each other succeed in the enlightenment of the planet, to help our planet ascend and that we will ascend with Her too!

Hand Heart image


INTRODUCING: Freedom’s Flame Radio Co-Host,
Anthony Cocco

Anthony Cocco

Anthony is now a regular co-host on Freedom’s Flame Radio! He lives and works in South Wales, United Kingdom, and has been on the path of spiritual awakening for many years. He offers healing treatment/therapies, and Intuitive Coaching, he writes & records his own songs and guided meditations. He is currently working with A Course in Miracles (ACIM) which has greatly accelerated his awakening and holds ACIM Self-Help and Study Groups locally in his area. He will be offering his experience mainly through Inspiration and ACIM teachings to help successfully navigate the barriers and hurdles that hold many back.

A Course in Miracles has been described as a mystical mind training and spiritual psychotherapy as well as being a path to liberation and enlightenment it teaches the student how to unlearn and release all the misperceptions in the mind. ACIM especially suites the untrained western mind.

You can visit his website, Blog page or on facebook at:




His Desire: To be free of all limiting beliefs and sustain-ably live as authentically as possible in my ‘I AM Presence’ or ‘True Self’ and share what I have learned and experienced to help and assist in the healing, awakening and harmonizing of human consciousness for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

sitting on the earth picture

Together, we both share a fundamental vision of world victory through oneness between all beings and assisting each other on maintaining that oneness, and accelerating to the point of Light where each of us are fully integrated with their “I AM Presence” and fulfilling each one’s own Divine Plan on Earth as the I AM That I AM in Heaven. Our intentions are in alignment to accomplish this by building a “Rainbow Bridge” from self-awareness to self-realization through various mediums including but not limited to: Ascended Master and ACIM teachings, Gifts from the Realms of Light , inspiration, songs and decrees, group theme card readings, interactive and guided meditations, sharing and working with all points on the path to assist others in accelerating into oneness quickly, effectively and as smoothly and gracefully as possible.

Colorful picture

OUR Show: I hope you enjoy this show; I see this as OUR show - Our "hour" of gaining the Freedom that we all deserve to have, and live and co-create the world we all wish to see come forth in peace, love and harmony!

Your questions, comments and feedback are MOST WELCOME! We encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings on show content, and anything that you feel may be beneficial from hearing on this show. Everything will be considered and if there is a special request for something please let me know and I will attune to the energy of it to see what comes forth, and be able to share what it either in response to you or possibly in an upcoming show, for which I will let you know ahead of time so that you and your friends can tune or "intuit!" :)

Blessings In Oneness To You & “See” You On The Air!!!

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