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Submitted by samba on 12 May 2021

Walking with Spirit with Dr Monique Chapman

Monique says: 'I am one of God's Alarm clocks. It is time to wake up."
"When life becomes overwhelming, let me help you find balance again"

Let's Join Dr. Monique for conversations with leading edge thought provoking guests from the realms of the paranormal, alternative healing methods, the unexplained, conspiracies and religion, the sciences, metaphysics, and new age issues who are uplifting consciousness.

Intuitive Consultant - Author - Clinical Hypnotherapist - Motivational Speaker

Monique’s Services:
Clairvoyant Intuitive Consultations
Cartomancy (Divination with Cards)
Akashic Record/Past Life Counseling
Spiritual and Intuitive Counseling
Healing—Hands on Soul and Spiritual
Hypnotherapy / Reiki
Past Life Regression
Spirit De-possession
House and Office Blessings
Corporate Consulting
Personal and Business Coaching

Talk Radio Show Program Information Displays

Dr Monique Chapman

Dr. Monique Chapman
Radio Talk Show Host, Intuitive Consultant, Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker

Getting your M and M’s a Woman’s Guide to Men and Money.
Teaches the spiritual and practical side of attracting a man and having your own money. Monique has had great success with assisting women in stepping into their own power. Discover how to create with the energy that is around you for your wellbeing, order Getting your M and M’s today!

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What people are saying about Getting your M and M’s…

“A thoroughly inspirational guide that provides practical tools for anyone wishing to increase financial and romantic prosperity. Brimming with powerful exercises, Getting Your M and M’s benefits women of all ages and walks of life who are ready to shift their lives out of scarcity and into abundance consciousness.” -- Cynthia Sue Larson, author of Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract Success Cynthia is a Top 500 reviewer for

Monique Chapman is one of the rare true gems in the psychic field. She has a gifted ability to see into peoples lives and channel information that makes their lives better for it. Her honesty and integrity make her natural psychic talent a benefit to anyone who has been fortunate enough to have a reading with her. I would recommend her with my whole heart". Joseph Ernest Martin ~ Author and Artist for the bestselling Quest Tarot and Author of the book: The Compass: Guide to the Quest Tarot. Joseph has been doing psychic/spiritual work for over 15 years and is an award winning artist. Oakland, California

"Monique I am grateful to have you as my mentor". ~ Nancy Koran Author of The Zen of Tennis New York, New York

Monique is a “dynamic and compassionate visionary magician”. Marilyn Gordon – Center for Hypnotherapy – Oakland CA

"Thank you Monique for providing the clarity I needed to win my big proposal. You were right on target". Dan S. ~ Erie, Pennsylvania

Monique’s feet are on the ground, yet she is very spiritual. She knows about life and human behavior with integrity and kindness. Yoko Kubota- President Bluebird Entertainment Los Angeles CA

Monique is very inviting, led by the supernatural, compassionate professional, honest interested in each individual. Casey Hawkins – Santa Cruz, CA

Monique, the information you gave me regarding my business was right on target, You even told me what to expect from the different board members. Thanks so much for the "heads-up", now my international business is stronger than ever". Daniel K. ~ Bern, Switzerland

The distance healing did wonders for my Dad. Both of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you". Benita G. ~ Montreal, Canada

Monique exposes the truth, has a big heart that cares, honest and respected. Odette Rickert- Hawaii