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Please join host Dr. James Avington Miller Jr. for this week's radio show that will take a second, even deeper look, inside the pending ESEA (Elementary Secondary Education Act). Joining Dr. Miller for the second week in a row will be Dr. Victoria M. Young - author of The Crucial Voice of the People, Past and Present: Education's Missing Ingredient. Also on this week's show with his third weekly update will be Dr. Jesse Turner will - the Walking Man - as he tells us about his walk from CT to DC and his adventures this week in NYC.

Listen and learn how the ESEA is the Trojan Horse that will threaten public education, teachers, students, parents, local communities, and even the entire resistance movement, especially the Opt Out revolt.

Parents and teachers - please tune in and get educated about ESEA. There is much to learn. There is much under the surface of this act. ESEA will go before the Senate on July 7th. And we have time to learn and act - before it is too late and we are left with a bill that does even more harm than NCLB and RttT combined.

For more information, please check out Dr. Young's blog -

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