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Next on Universal Soul Love with David Love and Lana Love:

Tuesday at 6:00 PM PST (Los Angeles Time) Today's topic is about "resiliency".

We'll be discussing the stress of living in modern society.

We'll be exploring and discussing various concepts and techniques for managing our daily stressors.

The topics include:

- Philosophies concerning the nature of the Self (including Buddhist and mystical perspectives)

- Being a Spiritual Warrior

- Overcoming our tests and challenges - Having a problem-solving mentality - The concept of time and being in the present moment

- Conquering our fear of the death

- The illusion of duality

- Learning to discern the truth - Finding your center of power.

- Striking a balance between the heart and mind

- Acceptance and letting go

- "Going with the flow"

- Accessing guidance from your higher-self

- Opening up to self-love - Keeping up a winning attitude in the face of adversity

- The alchemical process of turning negative events into positive experiences

We hope you’ll tune-in with us!