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Det David Love interviews special guest Deiadora.  Deiadora is an author, musician, spiritual counselor, and motivational speaker.


Since Day 1, Deiadora has provided psychic guidance to all she encounters. With an uncanny ability to tap into the infinite ‘sixth sense’ of the unseen, Deiadora is far beyond the veil. Being called a transmission, Deiadora “The Essence” defies labels, knowing that it is grace that moves through her to allow her to offer the proper guidance to those requesting it. From a space of transpersonal innocence, her aura sings of cosmic universal love and ecstasy. All who encounter her works (recordings and books) or have the opportunity to be in her presence, know that she is out-of-this-world inspiring. To be with Deiadora is to awaken to one’s highest frequency and activate an awakening so powerful, life thereafter is never the same.

Latest Release: I Am Awakening Ecstasy, Available on Amazon, Kindle, Lulu, and Payhip.