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It's the day before Independence Day and we celebrate our freedom sobered in the knowledge that there are serious threats to it in 2018. Ignorance, threats of violence, and irrational premises abound. There are plenty of ways to fight back but at the heart of it all is our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. It's no accident that the Left refuses to teach it. Ignorance is the battering ram they use to change our country away from everything it was founded upon. 

But there is great cause for celebration this Independence Day. We have a President who won't be bullied and who turns the tables on the hateful many who are no longer hide their hatred for our country. 

There's a new Supreme Court Justice vacancy and there's cause for celebration there too--that we will have another Juror who will protect and preserve the principles on which our country was founded and return us to the rule of law.

Later in the show, Karen will be joined by Maria Espinoza of The Remembrance Project. They'll talk about Illegal Immigration, sanctuary cities and the mid-term elections. Join us!