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From a government source and one with Delta airlines ...
Canada has just closed its border with the USA. Quarantine is about to be announced in many countries including Canada and the USA where people will be expected to confine themselves to their homes. No public gatherings are allowed any more. 
In the USA, Trump has invoked the Stafford Act that imposes FEMA rule on the country: no more habeas corpus or democracy. Oh well, there goes the Constitution, due process and any semblance of civil liberties. Mandatory vaccinations are next. The nightmare has arrived.
Maybe NOW people will do more than talk? 
Tune in this Sunday to Here We Stand to learn what can and must be done now ... 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern at .
You are the Resistance. And the new Republic.

Here's a source for the virus by country.

Here's some from the live count...

Country    Confirmed  Deaths  Recovered 
China             80,881  3,226  68,690 
United States  4,740       85         17 
Canada               441         4         11