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Breaking the Chains: Three Weeks of Illegal Imprisonment and Torture in a Canadian Jail
An Exclusive interview with Republic of Kanata organizer Paul Kuleba 
and your host Kevin Annett
This Sunday, January 31 on the Voice of the Republic  - "Here We Stand" at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 11 pm GMT
On January 8, Paul Kuleba, a chief organizer for the Republic of Kanata in central Ontario, was assaulted at gunpoint, arrested unlawfully and illegally confined in the Central East Correctional Center in Lindsay, Ontario.
During those weeks he was strip searched, pepper sprayed, denied food and water, confined to an unheated cell, and psychologically and physically tortured. By refusing to cooperate with their criminal system, Paul endured and stood his attackers down. His story is an inspiring one for all freedom lovers and a preamble to our deposing and replacing the criminal conspiracy called Canada.
"I was targeted as a citizen of the Republic of Kanata and held as a prisoner of war. They were trying to kill me. This is a sick criminal system." - Paul Kuleba
Tell everyone you know to tune in tomorrow and circulate this program as part of our new campaign to confront and put on trial the Canadian police state and its murderous penal system!
Issued by the National Council of the Republic