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Raphael and Jelelle Awen
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Raphael and Jelelle Awen have been on the spiritual consciousness and emotional healing path for over 15 years. They have been in sacred union relationship with each since 2008 with their bond opening out in ever surprisingly nourishing ways over the years as they do their inner work of healing. They love to talk about and teach about how to deepen the relationship bond that you are in or how to draw your soulmate to you through inner healing. 

Along with their passion for meaningful and healthy romantic relationships, they advocate for an awakened, conscious, authentic, and heart open relationship in ALL areas of life, especially emotional, spiritual, mental, social, financial, and physical. The main way and process that they offer through SoulFullHeart (which they have been co-creating and teaching since 2012) is the parts work path. Parts work in SoulFullHeart through space holding sessions, group calls, and retreats is a combination of an emotional and spiritual process that leads to self love, self worth, and connection with Divine Source. ALL is embraced from within, including the shadow, in both the heart and soul domains. 

They are also passionate about the ascesion process into fifth dimensional consciousness and have written many articles about this featured on both and Love Has Won websites, in addition to an upcoming book to be released called The NEW 5D Sacred Human by Jelelle Awen. They feel that the ascension process is a higher vibrational timeline experience that we can choose NOW and live in any moment as we heal our hearts and souls allowing for more love energies to flow through our BEings. 

Spiritual Teachers And Authors
Raphael and Jelelle Awen have been in sacred union commitment since July, 2008, experiencing the challenges and growth that come from such a crucible. They have been teaching and facilitating individuals, couples, and groups (both alone and together) since 2010, although both have been on awakening and healing journeys for 15+ years. They co-created the SoulFullHeart way of life emotional and spiritual awakening and healing process and community in 2012. SoulFullHeart offers a parts or subpersonalities differentiation process for healing the 3D emotional pain body and integration of soul aspects existing in many 'eras' and dimensions. The ultimate goal of the SoulFullHeart process is the embodiment of the higher self in ALL areas of life leading to health, joy, nourishing intimacies, soul gift expression and soul purpose alignment, authenticity and more. This is offered primarily through space holding sessions for individuals and couples, group sessions, and immersion experiences and SoulFullHeart retreats.
Raphael and Jelelle have been through many death and rebirth phases together, including major changes in geographies, livelihoods, and relationships with others. They have let go in order to let in more of their authentic selves many times. In 2014, they left Vancouver, Canada and a very good income to live on a remote, off-grid ranch in remote Mexico. SoulFullHeart facilitators Gabriel Heartman and Kaleenay Colibri joined them for the journey and the four lived in community near each other sharing resources (and still do). After 18 months living very simply, on very little money, growing quite a bit of their own organic food with no internet access, they were guided to move into the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Since moving into the city in August, 2016, many openings have occurred for them personally in their awakening journeys, as a couple, and in service of love to others in the form of SoulFullHeart, mainly through synchronicities and connections opening out online. 
Raphael and Jelelle are soul scribes and share their writings regularly on facebook, their blog at and through books that are available as free downloads on their website. Jelelle is author of the book Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond. Raphael is author of the book 90 Days With Yeshua. Together, they have facilitated many group circles and are currently hosting a virtual group circle three times a month. They hosted a weekly blog talk show and have many videos offering their teachings on their you tube channel. 
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