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Melissa Aguirre
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San Antonio, TX — It seems like health and wellness tips, suggested regimens, and products are marketed everywhere; Melissa Aguirre, coauthor of The Innate Design: Implementing Self Healing Techniques for the Modern Patient says that sustainable wellness doesn't come from external conditions but from listening to the wisdom of your own body.

If you’ve experienced feeling discouraged because you were unable to maintain a wellness routine, feel well, or stay committed to a ‘diet’; then you are not alone. A recent study showed that it takes over two months before a new habit becomes automatic, thus making lifestyle choice imperative in living well. Implementing holistic practices, self care, and nourishment creates the fertile ground for one to flourish and thrive in his or her health and life. Being healthy is independence. 

The Innate Design offers a comprehensive system to eradicate the imbalances that lead to disease while shining light on ways to to support our mind, body and spirit in living abundantly. This interdisciplinary book between a physician and yoga therapist is solution-oriented providing practical ways to create a new craving for feeling well, letting go of the things that no longer serve you, and implementing physical practices from the yoga tradition to achieve optimal mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

Utilizing the Chakra modality, Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke and Melissa Aguirre derail the vacuous descriptions of the Chakras by demonstrating how the Chakra blueprint plays a key role in our health and wellbeing through our neuroendocrine system and cognition. Each chapter is based upon a Chakra describing the role it plays within our lives and includes healing solutions for maladies caused by imbalance, yoga practices that help in the prevention, healing, and maintenance of the Chakra and much more. This book is an invitation for the reader to live inspired by their challenges knowing it is curriculum to grow. This book is to empower the reader to give him or herself the permission to relax and live well. Furthermore, this book is to serve as a sustainable motivator reminding the reader that we each hold the capacity to heal ourselves through the prevention, recovery, and maintenance of our wellness- we just simply need to remember our power in choice. 

Finally, do not let overwhelm or any other reason separate you from feeling well and healthy. The more you learn about your body’s physical, mental, and spiritual nature; the more you can react in ways to prevent illness and rise through ailments. All inspired by a holistic platform of intuition and choice; The Innate Design uses cost effective treatment and prevention practices such as yoga, the Chakras, and mindfulness to further healing and maintenance. 

Yoga and Mindfulness expert, Melissa Aguirre, offers a variety of practical tools to empower and educate the listener in finding balance within his or her life. Give self care a chance; we cannot serve from an empty vessel. It is time to come home to your wellness.

Yoga Therapist, Author, Stress Management Specialist, and Holistic Life Coach

Melissa Aguirre is a Nationally Registered Yoga Therapist, Certified Energy Medicine and MBSR Practitioner specializing in scientifically based holistic health practices and education. Her passion for serving those who serve has led to the creation of her mindfulness based yoga therapy programs that serve the military population along with multiple wellness workshops and classes in holistic healing to her national audience. Melissa is a wellness speaker and contributing author for yoga therapy case studies continuing to impact optimal patient care and sustainable lifestyle choice.

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