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Julianne Del Cano Milstead-Kennard
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Juli is a FRIEND of the NEWSOM Twins that started BBS Radio! Grew up with them around the time they came of age, in Washington State!
I'd like to tell my story, 

In 2014 I died. It was a metaphysical experience that completely changed everything in my life, including being homeless at the time, eradicating all my mental health diagnoses and an ‘incurable’ heart condition!

The flow of this oneness or ‘wholeness’ experience was like a crack in the universe where I experienced what's behind the veil of ‘life;’ and ‘death’ which held me through the death of my teenage daughter and the loss of my son in a custody battle. I also found that I could see energy, and could almost ‘magnetically and magically’ via this resonance create what's in my mind out into physical life- this is what took me out of being homeless

Now I am an author, and international speaker, run an accredited training company and our resources have reached an estimated 1 million people. But the reason I do what I do is to help people who are suffering to let them know that they are not alone, they have an amazing fricken power within them that can heal anything that's happened to them and I connect people with a deep intuitive expansion that broadens their bandwidth of perception into new realms of beingness

Co-Founder, Facilitator of Innate Evolution Accredited Training Academy, Metaphysical Experiencer

Before I died I used to be a marketing executive for a Forbes Fortune 100 company, fly around in private jets, and have a very affluent lifestyle.

Then life kicked me in the butt and my life of abundance turned into being homeless, having mental health labels (C-PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Agoraphobic), and an incurable heart condition- leading to losing my son in a custody battle. That's when I died.

Coming out the other side of this plasma-like experience of death, with full memory recollection. I ‘saw’ the essence of teachings like non-duality, the law of attraction, the metaphysical and others as all aspects of one power. I saw the heart of them- and ended up writing a book about it.

I also started to see the ‘energy’ behind people and life and found that I could access deepened states of consciousness and from this state create things into the form magnetically and almost magically, people may call that the ‘Law Of Attraction’ I call it 'Conscious Creation!’ and I share with others how they can create via their being-ness

Later losing my beautiful teenage daughter to a fatal car crash deepened my experience I saw when I died and allowed my heart to stretch even further to let in more light.

This light coming through me propelled me to help 1000’s of other grieving parents and eventually was channeled into my book Wholality: The Missing Link to Love and has helped myself and my husband reach an estimated 1 million people to help them experience more inner unconditional freedom. We do this via our accredited training company based in Hawaii and we run retreats where people from all over the world join us to go back within- back to the universe within. Compassion.


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