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Submitted by Dr Christina Winsey on 7 September 2021

The New Reality Show with Dr Christina Winsey and Dr Art Emrich

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The New Reality Show

On this call-in live show, Dr. Art Emrich, Ph.D. and Dr. Christina Winsey, D.C. want to be your guides, assisting and empowering you to create your new reality for greater happiness, less stress, more health and success.  These two dynamic co-hosts will help you learn how to take charge of your own amazing mind and emotions, so that you will better navigate these chaotic and stressful times with more ease than you thought possible.

The caterpillar goes from chaos to order, struggling within its chrysalis, looking like a soupy mess, before it becomes a butterfly and lives its beautiful NEW REALITY. Humans also struggle (especially in these challenging times). Someone once said “Growth is messy,” but it’s a vital part of creating a life you love. We all need support while on the road to greater happiness, peace of mind, self-confidence, success and well-being.

Dr. Art and Dr. Chris want to empower you to heal yourself in mind, body, and spirit so that you can achieve success in whatever is important to you. You will discover, first-hand, some of the tools and techniques they have successfully used with countless clients.

Some of the topics they will tackle include:

  • Wrangling in a racing mind,

  • Solving sleep problems,

  • Depressive feelings

  • Help for PTSD sufferers,

  • Addiction recovery and stopping negative, addictive habits,

  • Reducing stress overwhelm, and managing the unavoidable life stressors more effectively.

  • Controlling fears,

…and many other nagging challenges that reduce your happiness, success and well-being.

From time-to-time the show will also include revealing fireside chats and fascinating interviews. You will find answers and solutions that help you tap into and own your inner power, based on the amazing, holistic discoveries in neuro, behavioral, and health sciences, quantum physics, law of attraction, laser coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom and so much more.

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Weekly Show
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8:00 pm CT
8:55 pm CT

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Dr Art Emrich
Certified Life Coach, Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Who Is Dr. Art Emrich?

Art has helped hundreds of clients learn how to get top performance from their mind/body system. He is Head Coach in his company, U-Solutions. The “U” stands for “unconscious,” where he believes the solutions to most of our problems reside. His clients include:

- Students who study hard, but don’t make good scores on tests.

- Athletes who want to learn how to excel at the mental/emotional game.

- Medical referrals for pre- and post-surgery clients.

- Those who experience anxiety and stress affecting their quality of life.

- Those who want to live a happier, healthier, more peaceful life.

“Dr. Art” began his practice as a hypnotist and life coach in 1980. Prior to that he was in the US Air Force for 8 years (Vietnam vet) and began a 30-year career in the Dupont company. He was Asia-Pacific Manager of Organizational Effectiveness, living in Tokyo, Japan, for 5 years. Art was co-developer of a 2-day workshop, Targeted Development, and enjoyed 4 years of international travel certifying Dupont employee trainers in Asia, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and South America, retiring as Corporate Manager of Human Development (training). He was then with Kanbay, an information technology consulting company in Chicago for 8 years as Vice President of Knowledge and Corporate Culture. While there he graduated from Corporate Coach University.

His degrees include:

  • BA from the U. of MD
  • MBA from the U. of SC
  • PhD from Alpha University, LA

His awards include:

  • 2014 Hypnotist of the Year with the Intnl. Assn. of Counselors and Therapists (IACT)
  • 2018 Life Fellow of the Intnl, Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Assn. (IMDHA)

He is also certified as a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. He moved from Chicago to Sarasota, FL, in 2005 and is glad to be free from ice and snow.  

Available by Text, Zoom, Skype, email, and In-Person at his Office

Dr. Christina Winsey
Life Success & Holistic Health Coach, Stress Relief & Addiction Recovery, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Addictionologist, & Hypnotherapist, EFT, Medical Intuitive and more

Who is Dr. Christina Winsey? 

As a spiritual and holistic Life Success and Addiction Recovery coach, mentor and Medical Intuitive, "Dr. Chris" is on a mission to facilitate healing and transformation for 100,000 people before she’s done. With her Unique P.O.W.E.R. U.P. System she has helped hundreds of clients already to stop the multiple symptoms of stress burnout and mind-body-spirit challenges of all kinds.  Her clients…

•    Conquer negative and addictive habits, lose weight and regain health
•    Increase energy and master living a consistent healthy lifestyle.
•    Reduce and manage life stress, regain happiness and joy of living.
•    Increase focus, clarity, productivity and performance.
•    Prioritize life’s demands so they can focus on what really matters most.

The daughter of an alcoholic, Chris started at 14 to struggle with the yo-yo of anorexia and binge-overeating, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.  Out of the journey of her own recovery grew her passion to help others achieve optimum states of health, joy and empowerment. 

In addition to her private coaching practice, Dr. Chris is co-host and co-founder of the New Reality tv/radio show with Dr. Art Emrich, helping people with stress, PTSD, Confidence and other challenges through mind-body-spirit techniques and tools.

She is also co-founder of Becoming Abundantly You – a business focused on teaching people the practical ways to harness the magic of the Universal Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics and Spirituality. The mission is so that members will fulfill their dreams and goals and create lives they absolutely love (body-mind and spirit).  

“Dr. Chris” began her practice as a holistic health and life coach in 2003.  Prior to coaching she practiced holistic health care since 1983 as a medical massage therapist.  Her degrees include Medical Massage Therapist,  Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) and Certified Addictionologist (C.A.).  Her additional studies include a wide variety of mind-body-spirit wellness techniques: Reiki, meridian therapy, Stress Management, Occupational Health & Safety, Take Action Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP certified), emotional freedom technique (EFT), Silva Mind Control, hypnotherapy, meditation, mindfulness, applied kinesiology, and pranic healing.   She studied life coaching and executive coaching at the Coachville School of Coaching and is a graduate of the Leading Edge Teams two-year A+ Leadership program.

Dr. Chris is available by phone, Zoom, Skype or in-person at her office in Sarasota, FL, USA.  She provides one-on-one and group coaching programs, and is a dynamic motivational speaker.  You can book a consultation HERE


Headlined Show, The New Reality Show October 22, 2021

Broadcast Date

Stress is a Slow and Steady Killer!

This Friday on The New Reality Show, join us to discover simple, powerful stress management and stress reduction techniques.  

Why?...let’s face it, life is stressful. Stress takes a toll and is responsible for upwards of 75% of all doctor visits. Stress suppresses the immune system and causes exhaustion.

Just how is stress affecting YOU and what can you do about it? That is what Dr. Art Emrich and Dr. Christina Winsey will be sharing with you.

Some people ignore stress, allowing it to build up to the point where they face total burn-out.  Some telltale signs include:

•    Overdoing food, alcohol, smoking, pain killers, shopping or gambling-type activities
•    Overly busy but getting little really accomplished?
•    Brain fogginess and tired much of the time
•    Moody, Anxious, Irritable - Quick to Anger
•    Frequent colds, flu, headaches, or other ailments, (or flare up of a condition more than usual)
•    Sense of lingering discontentedness, but not sure why
•    Procrastinating important things to the point of creating more life problems
•    Poor sleep quality or trouble sleeping

Stress costs you a lot, and Chronic stress can steal the passion for your dreams and goals. Don’t let it.  Tune in this Friday at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific at

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