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Submitted by Jim Benson on 18 May 2021

The Jim Benson Show with Jim Benson

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The Jim Benson Show; conservative talk radio done right, addressing the issues that concern you. With a background of many years as a journalist, host Jim Benson offers his unique perspective on current events and issues that we face as individuals and as a nation. 

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Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

The Jim Benson Show , August 8, 2021 CCP Owns US Mainstream Media, Draconian New COVID Restrictions?, States Push More Election Audits
The Jim Benson Show , July 25, 2021 Arizona Election Audit Reveals Election Was Fraudulent
The Jim Benson Show , July 11, 2021 Pennsylvania joins Arizona, Georgia forensic audit battle, Giuliani's law license, elites' plan and rumor of top CCP spy
The Jim Benson Show , June 27, 2021 Leftist infiltration and takeover of US education system, media, social and government institutions funded by the Rich
The Jim Benson Show , June 13, 2021 Mike Lindell's election fraud documentary, evidence of fraud, Lindell's lawsuit exposes voting equipment companies
The Jim Benson Show , May 30, 2021 Election Forensic Audits Gain Suppor, Left-Wing Billionaire Ties To China, Leftists Using Freedoms To Destroy Freedom
The Jim Benson Show , May 16, 2021 Arizona Election Audit Finds Key Vote Machine Computer Files Deleted, Biden's DOJ Goes After Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani
The Jim Benson Show , May 2, 2021 Joe Biden To Resign? Evidence OF China's US Election Interference, Trump Lawyer Giuliani Targeted By Biden FBI
The Jim Benson Show , April 18, 2021 CCP Involved In & US Gov't Involved In US Election Fraud, New Free Speech Site Set To Launch
The Jim Benson Show, April 4, 2021 2020 Elections & Election Integrity Efforts, Joe Biden's Cognitive Impairment: Who Is The Real President, New Media Site
The Jim Benson Show , March 21, 2021 Definitive Proof Of Election Fraud, Marxist Leninist Maoist Revolution In America, American Republic Hanging By A Thread
The Jim Benson Show , March 7, 2021 The Coming Totalitarian, Takeover of America, Lenin's Own Words, Lessons From History, Trump's CPAC, Speech Highlights
The Jim Benson Show , February 21, 2021 Patriot Prosperity, MAGA Threat, China's Goal, Bill Barr Deep State Operative, Pelosi Refuse Security, Dinesh Dsouza
The Jim Benson Show , February 7, 2021 Only Communists, Have Free Speech, President In Exile, Donald J Trump, New Documentary Absolute Proof
The Jim Benson Show , January 24, 2021 Saving America, Reforming Elections, Judicial Reform, Your Boycott Power
The Jim Benson Show , January 10, 2021 DC riots on Capital Building, reign of Terror coming, disappearing votes and rising communist movement
The Jim Benson Show , December 29, 2020 Trump's Election Fraud Speech, Info and Commentary on Election Fraud Allegations, Fate of Nation Hangs in the Balance
The Jim Benson Show , December 14, 2020 Communists, questions for Barr, Puzzling election anomalies, China election steal, courage to do what's right
The Jim Benson Show , November 28, 2020 Election Chaos Continues, Communist Governments Tied To US Election Results, Massive Mail In Ballot And Voting Machine
The Jim Benson Show , November 15, 2020 It Was A Trump Landslide, voting machines rigged to steal votes
James Benson
Journalist and Talk Show Host

James Benson is a Journalist and Talk Show Host that promotes conservative values and issues.