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Submitted by Jim Benson on 18 May 2021

The Jim Benson Show with Jim Benson

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The Jim Benson Show; conservative talk radio done right, addressing the issues that concern you. With a background of many years as a journalist, host Jim Benson offers his unique perspective on current events and issues that we face as individuals and as a nation. 

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Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

The Jim Benson Show , February 7, 2021 Only Communists, Have Free Speech, President In Exile, Donald J Trump, New Documentary Absolute Proof
The Jim Benson Show , January 24, 2021 Saving America, Reforming Elections, Judicial Reform, Your Boycott Power
The Jim Benson Show , January 10, 2021 DC riots on Capital Building, reign of Terror coming, disappearing votes and rising communist movement
The Jim Benson Show , December 29, 2020 Trump's Election Fraud Speech, Info and Commentary on Election Fraud Allegations, Fate of Nation Hangs in the Balance
The Jim Benson Show , December 14, 2020 Communists, questions for Barr, Puzzling election anomalies, China election steal, courage to do what's right
The Jim Benson Show , November 28, 2020 Election Chaos Continues, Communist Governments Tied To US Election Results, Massive Mail In Ballot And Voting Machine
The Jim Benson Show , November 15, 2020 It Was A Trump Landslide, voting machines rigged to steal votes
The Jim Benson Show , November 1, 2020 America was an Idea, Assault on America, Trump's only choices, Riots linked to China, Most Dangerous Election in History
The Jim Benson Show, October 18, 2020 Biden family racket, Hunter Biden emails, Biden's Bursima Denial, Emails Exposing Biden Scam and Liberty or Tyranny
The Jim Benson Show , October 4, 2020 Living in a Revolution, Why people are voting for Biden, Kayleigh McEnany WH Press Briefing and the Color Revolution
The Jim Benson Show , September 20, 2020 China reason for Trump Derangement, if Biden wins, Covid created in lab, choose freedom over Tyrrany & build back better
The Jim Benson Show , September 6, 2020 Trump RNC acceptance speech, Election Warning, Red Mirage Plot against America, The Great Reset, plot to cancel Trump
The Jim Benson Show , August 23, 2020 Crazy Burney's DN convention speech, unmasking Kamala Harris, attempts to remove Trump, Biden's DNCA acceptance speech
The Jim Benson Show , August 9, 2020 Communist Left is Democratic Party Now, A brazen power grab, mail in ballot insanity, deep state plot to rig elections
The Jim Benson Show , July 26, 2020 Barr speach on China, Importance of this election, Coronavirus information, and BLM funding sounrces
The Jim Benson Show , July 12, 2020 Socialism in the US, Antifa and BLM arrested by feds, covid infestion and death rates, history of enslavement, civil war
The Jim Benson Show , June 28, 2020 Destruction of western civilization, rise of Marxism, black panthers, BLM and antifa, Pulling down statues, stages of
The Jim Benson Show , June 14, 2020 Chaziel and Black Lives Matter, Lord Jamar on BLM, BLM takeover Seattle, Communist forces and George Soros
The Jim Benson Show , May 31, 2020 Leftists defend riots, Bill Gates Vaccine agenda, Covid 19 updates, Trump cuts ties with WHO, sanctioni
The Jim Benson Show , May 17, 2020 Flynn unmasking exposed, America Splitting in Two, Russia Collusion Hoax, Big Pharma Solution to Vaccinate
James Benson
Journalist and Talk Show Host

James Benson is a Journalist and Talk Show Host that promotes conservative values and issues.