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Here We Stand with with Rev Kevin D Annett and guest Satanic ritual survivor Dave Staffen

Topic: Ending the Oldest Tyranny

Replay of April 23,2017 Radio Free Kanata production


Campus Administrators Seize Student Newspaper after it publishes article

by Kevin Annett on medical atrocities against Indians performed next door


Here We Stand with Rev. Kevin D Annett and guest Merv Richie

Topic: Naming and Standing Down the Killers

Hi everyone. Just a reminder that I do three important radio programs this weekend:

Here We Stand with Rev. Kevin D Annett

Topic: From Words to Actions

Censored News
The Oxford Union Lecture by Kevin Annett that never happened, until now 
(soon to be broadcast in youtube)

The Great Looting: A Post-America Obituary on the Road to Revolution

by Kevin D. Annett​

FALLEN: The Story of the Vancouver Four
by Kevin Annett 
Amazon, 2017
BOOK REVIEW by Darrell I. Hibbard 

Jordan and Corey recap current events, major weather war action, and feature a special emergency broadcast report from Kevin Annett (exposer of vatican, queen, and canada genocidal activities).

Later in the show, we speak about the Harvey/Irma Geoengineering. Special cameo from past guest Johnny Delirious who connects a few dots for us.

Pierce the Veil, and the Truth will Reveal itself.

[Special Guest: Rev. Kevin Annett]

A groundbreaking episode of piercing the veil awaits you here. It was an honor to host Rev. Kevin Annett, the man leading the charge against the evils of religious and state sponsored human trafficking/ritual killings. Many of Kevin's close friends and acquaintances have given their lives in their pursuit of truth and justice.

Find Out More About Kevin Here:

And until next time, Pierce the Veil & The Truth Will Reveal Itself!