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Tonight Shusara talks in depth about love and focuses specifically on how human love is predicated on behavior. While the primary focus of our work is the dissolution of the personal self, that equates, in worldly understanding, to guiding people to live from their hearts. We look at why the personal self has such a difficult time wrapping itself around all the paradox within the teachings and Shusara assures us that at a point in the journey all the contradictions make perfect sense. 

Shusara begins tonight’s session with a call for everyone to listen and pay attention to the statements that you are Beginningless, Endless, and Divine, the world works to prove otherwise but it is important to continue to feed this understanding into your consciousness. The adversity that we experience in the world is truly a gift of the Divine, and Shusara equates every experience as God presenting you with a return ticket home; a ticket that few want or will accept.

Tonight’s session began with an analogy between the relationship of light/dark and non-polarized/polarized consciousness. Shusara illustrated the impact that resistance has on the Light, creating “shadows” that are taken to be real by the personal self and as a result occluding the Light from them. She also likened human consciousness to a buoy at sea being tossed about during a storm. The work of a spiritual seeker is serious and challenging, just like everything you strive to attain in life.

Shusara guides us through a type of visual meditation during this session in order to illustrate how the ego’s perspective is limited and how reactive mind functions. She also focuses on the illusion of both cause/effect and time/space. This session is all about the ego and will be very informative for seekers from all levels of understanding.

In an effort to reach all listeners with a universal message, Shusara focused tonight’s session on what all seekers can do every day in order to continue forward momentum on their spiritual paths. The first understanding she gave concerned paying attention to the things that cause constriction around the heart and working to drop whatever fear, desire, or belief that holds that constriction in place. Secondly, she talked about beginning to function from your own set of values versus judging yourself based on society’s value system.

Tonight’s show focuses on the necessity of the seeker to confront all his fears, needs and desires in order to advance on the spiritual path. Let Shusara be your drill sergeant tonight as she pushes you to do your work. It’s the toughest job you’ll ever love.Satsang with Shusara with Shusara Akona Kumara

Shusara addresses all seekers in this session to determine their level of commitment to their spiritual work. Are we a seeker or a true devotee of God? How far are we willing to go in our quest for enlightenment? Shusara points out how important it is for us to ask the tough questions and be honest with our answers, utilizing self-inquiry to root out our deep attachments and fears. The work will push you to your limits, but the end result is liberation from limitation.

After a brief guided meditation centered around awareness and the present moment, Shusara spoke about passive spirituality. In this very blunt and direct transmission, Shusara challenged everyone to stop running form their fears, and to show up to do serious dissolution work at this time. No excuses, no denial and no more hiding, the time has come. Stand up and get started.

Shusara leads us on a guided meditation for the duration of Satsang tonight. Allow the words to flow through you and take this meditation into your daily life.

During tonight’s session Shusara came back to some of the key understandings to dissolution work. The repetition of these Truths is vitally important because the mind’s capacity to understand them changes during the course of dissolution work. These understandings are not meant to be memorized, so much as integrated and actualized. Truths such as the superimposition of the unreal upon the real, you aren’t here to change anything you are here to see through it and the three steps to living in the world, were all presented and discussed at length.