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A man is easily triggered by his teenage son’s bad attitude and gets offended when he feels his son is disrespecting him. He jumps all over his son about his behavior and both end up in a bad place.

Join Sheldon Jo and Scott Krajca as they discuss Christ and Christ Consciousness from the perspective of A Course in Miracles. What is Christ? What are the qualities of Christ and Christ Consciousness? How does Christ and Christ Consciousness play a role in metaphysics? The podcast also includes a meditation at the beginning which takes you on a beautiful journey to connect with Christ/Christ Consciousness.

The 'Ultimate Truths of Reality" from the ancient mystery schools 2,000 years ago brought forward by the 'College of Christ Consciousness' connected to Extraterrestrial teachings of Bashar 2,700 years in our future.


Christmas is not just a time for Christians to celebrate the birth of their savior. It is also the perfect time to celebrate the Christ in everyone.  To be Christian is to walk the path of the Christ. So, in Satsang terms, it is to walk in this physical life from the vantage point of Christed consciousness, which is how Jeshua served as such a powerful example for us all.