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Here We Stand with Rev Kevin D Annett

One Scale on the Vatican Monster: Mass Graves and the Ninth Circle in Canada

Let the Spin Begin, Again:

Medical Genocide in Canada finally sees the official light of day - well, sort of

Hi everyone. Just a reminder that I do three important radio programs this weekend:

Home Rule Self-Government established under Common Law in the land known as Canada

A Home Rule Charter for a New Republic


In this last week of 2015, Alexandra Meadors and Will Berlinghof share yet another amazing interview. Cosmic Awareness comes through with clarity and purpose, sharing messages we all truly need to hear and assimilate as members of the enlightened spiritual community.

As Will channels the Cosmic Awareness, you will hear information on:

*The role of the Enlightened Ones

*The importance of holding one's energetic space  

*How holding and projecting a positive nature is a great and    wonderful service to Humanity

Radio Free Kanata with Kevin Annett and co-host Ryan Gable

Title: Child trafficking network in Canada

Radio Free Kanata with Kevin Annett and co-host Ryan Gable

Title: Elections in Canada & Corporatocracy

Kevin Annett and Alexandra Meadors review and provide a detailed account of an investigation in 2011 and 2012 in Brantford, Ontario with the purpose to uncover forensic evidence of children buried at the oldest Indian residential school in Canada. This school was established by The Crown and The State in 1832 and unfortunately was not shut down until 1970. In approximately 140 years, over 50,000 children are still missing.

Radio Free Kanata with Kevin Annett and special guests, Ryan Gable and Dean Clifford

Radio Free Kanata with Kevin Annett and special guests, Ryan Gable and Dean Clifford

Tune in for another dynamic follow up interview with Common law crusader Dean Clifford: