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You may be wondering why everything is so confusing, are they simply pathological morons running the show, or are they using advanced MK-Ultra programming in the most sophisticated social engineering program in history? By keeping the masses off balance and confused most people get to the point where they no longer listen consciously. This means no critical thinking. But in the same way we can hear a joke but know the punch line ahead of's no longer funny; the joke doesn't work. Get informed, stay aware and KNOW you are free and have the power to see deeply into the matrix.

Spiritual Activist with Rahasya Uncensored

This world has us all tangled up in everything from WOKE nonsense to being afraid that we may be called a racist for simply stating obvious truths that most people agree with. It's time we stand up and push back against the insanity most of us see happening. I would much rather be talking about consciousness, spirituality, UFO's and why are we know, the things that actually matter. But until then…let’s stand up and let them have a piece of our minds.