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Native Americans and Black People, and how they have been portrayed throughout the years! How movies are affecting our racial culture! The Culture of Slavery!

This interview is about how Sue Fries had to go through a phenomenal journey to save the life of her son and as a consequence, yours.  If you or anyone you know has asthma this is a must could save a life...perhaps your.

Rumors, tales and legends...this and more we'll be discussing.  Do governments hide discoveries, fearful people may panic?  Hm,m,m,m,m....well, we'll see what Nick Redfern has discovered and you'll decided for yourself.

Lawyers, and killers, and endangered birds.....this and more is the setting for this fascinating story, "The Condor Song".  History weaves in and out of the intriquing plot and the ending is a big surprise.  This is a wonderful novel to keep company with on a cold autumn evening.  Join us for a fascinating journey into the unexpected.

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