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The Donna Seebo Show with Donna Seebo October 4, 2013 on BBS Radio!

The Donna Seebo Show with Donna Seebo October 1, 2013 on BBS Radio!

Clinical Psychologist, Therapist, Author, Lecturer, Meditator, Senior Trainer

Nicolya Christi is the founder of the New Consciousness Academy, Cofounder of WorldShift International, and author of  2012: A Clarion Call, She lives in Rennes-le-Chateau, Southern France.

We'll be chatting about the first fully written account of the First Nations Peoples' oral wisdom teachings for evolving consciousness and much more.  The New Year is soon to breakthrough and this is a great way to move into 2014.  Join us.

Author, Writer and Evolutionary Guide

We'll be discussing how Deborah became acquainted with some very special people, experiences and much more.  These experiences have changed her life in some powerful ways.

Author, Musician, Composer, Sound Healer, Teacher, Author, Visual Artist
Writer, Talk Show Host, Speaker, Teacher, Psychic

Faith & belief are two words that seem to go hand-in-hand. Margaret has chosen to research the various cultures and their belief systems, sharing the various perceptions that they have evolved through.  Many people are restructuring their understandings in amazing ways. We'll find out more when we chat with Margaret Johnston.