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Researcher, Scholar, Editor, Radio Show Host, Writer, Producer, Speaker, Occult Authority
Author, Filmmaker, Researcher
UFO Researcher, Former Army Comman Sergeant Major, Intelligence Field Operative, Intelligence Analyst, Speaker, Lecturer
Doctor, Director of Research, Advisor, Adjunct Professor, Educator, Heart Health Expert, Writer, Author
Doctor of Medicine, Opthalmologist, Plastic Surgeon, Reconstructive Surgeon, Inventor, Writer, Author, Educator
Author, Scientist, Former Astronaut, International Speaker, Researcher, Lectuerer, Writer, Teacher, Assistant Professor, Columnist, Environmentalist, Consultant, Advisor, Facilitator
Journalist, Adventurer, Writer, Columnist, Consultant, Speaker, Editor
Political Activist, Teacher, Educator, Independent Researcher, Doctor of Alternative Medicine, Author, Lecturer, Expert Witness, Speaker, Publisher, Tribal Administrator, Village Planner, Executive Director, Consultant
Special Effects Expert, Alternative Energy Researcher, Inventor
Astrophysicist, Nuclear Physicist, Engineer, Chemist, Scientist, Researcher, Professor, Consultant, Advisor, U.S. Delegate, Lecturer, Writer, Author, Inventor, Who's Who