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Author, Ufologist, Underground Base Researcher, Speaker, Writer, Political Scientist, Paranormal Experiencer
Mathematician, Electron Physics Researcher, Nuclear Physics Expert, Inventor, Professor, Scientist, Applied Physics Engineer, Astrophysician, Director, Writer, Educator, Chairman
Export Author, Writer, Scientist, Pharmacist, Researcher, Musician, Editor, Artist, Producer, Historian
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Parapsychologist, Writer, Author, Pianist, Music Composer, Stereo Photographer
Author, Spokesperson, Keynote Speaker, Humanitarian, Motivator, Echo Conscious Activist
Psychic Investigator, Psychic Detective, Former Police Detective
Author, Screenwriter, Producer, Psychic Criminal Profiler, Paranormal Investigator, Speaker
Widom Keeper, Teacher, Stone Mason, Artist, Musician, KSAM Co-Director, Sculptor, Carver, Teacher, Researcher, Egyptian Historian
Writer, Columnist, Author, 2012 Researcher
Astrophysicist, Author, Writer, Editor-in-Chief, Investigator, Scientist, Deputy Director