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Top Natural Health Care Practitioner, Chiropractor of the Year, Writer, Lecturer, Teacher, Author, Medical Missions Volunteer, Holistic Motivationalist, Speaker
Acupuncturist Physician, Diplomate, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, Holistic Healer, Speaker
Healer, Medicine Man, Musician, Tour Facilitator, Inca Lineage
100 Most Influential People in the World, Cardiologist, Molicular Cardiovascular Researcher, Scientist, Teacher, Physician, Principal Investigator, Writer, Columnist, Author, Editor, Consultant, Advisor, Lecturer, Professor
Neurosurgeon, Nutritional Product Formulator, Neuroscience Researcher, Writer, Author
Professor, Chair, Inventor, Reviewer, Doctor, Nutrition and Weight Loss Researcher, Editor, Writer
Doctor of Medicine, Hospitalist, Writer, Author, Consultant, Researcher
Physician, Metaphysician, Author, Psychologist, Minister, Editor, Writer, Musician, Farm Worker, Philanthropist
Medical Director, Doctor, Natural Biochemical Medical Practitioner, Developer, Lecturer, Patient Choice Activist, Author, Nutrition Expert
Molecular Bioscientist, Lecturer, Researcher, Educator, Author, Nutritionist