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Journalist, Doctor, Private Practice Owner, Specializes in Cancer and Degenerative Illnesses
Physician, Author, Doctor, Writer, Expert Witness in Legal Settings, Expert in Addiction Related Fields
Nurse, Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition, Cancer Survivor, Blog Writer, Author, Co-Author, Founder of MOON Organics
Doctorate in Nutrition, Natural Health Specialist, Director of Sweden's Brandal Health Center, Co-Director and Chief Health Administrator of Hippocrates Health Institute
Osteopathic Doctor, Family Physician, Environmental Scientific Consultant, Nuclear Power Plant Propusion Operator, Clinical Director, Professor, Editor, Writer, Author
Director, Publisher, Consultant, Inventor, Writer, Mechanical Engineer, Blood Flow Researcher, Author, Editor, Teacher, Professor, Doctor
Speaker, Gluten Sensitivity Expert, Celiac Desease Expert, Clinician, Teacher
Writer, Author, Consultant, Urologist, Director, Researcher, Educator, Sexual Performace Product Developer, Natural Alternatives Practitioner, Editor, Lecturer, Media Expert, Most Influential Doctor Distinction, Humanitarian, Nutritionist
Compassionate Coroner, Writer, Speaker, Author, Forensic Pathologist, Chief Medical Examiner, Forensic Pathologist, Forensic Medicine Authority, Course Trainer Developer, Lecturer, Columnist, Media Expert
Primary Care Physician, Scientist, Medium, Writer, Author, Narrator